A Picnic by the Sea @ Thursday, May 02, 2013

24th Thursday April

Last Thursday we had a trip to Frankston to see the sand sculptors  It was a nice sunny day, and we had a picnic lunch. Jas made a quiche and salad, coincidentally both containing ingredients I was allergic to or couldn't eat. It was pretty though, the quiche. I made croissants, which no one commented on :P We finished lunch just in time, as we were packing up it got windy, and the rest of the day was quite windy. 

Chicken - Cheddar - Berry Jam

Jas's Quiche with Ham

ANZAC Cookies which I didn't make. :P

The location. It was very nice, I've never seen a park like this one, by the sea. It reminds me of Newport (Pokemon) somehow, where you can take a boat and travel to islands with caves and bats.

There was a lone kayak-er and his dog going out to sea.

Jas found this interesting, though we saw different things while Emily thought we were mad. XD As he suggested someone made it, but I highly doubt it. I see a mermaid while he saw a...
What do you see?

The Dock
Unfortunately it was too windy to go out on. 

A Bridge

Left Port Beach

By the sea there's always lots of Sea Gulls, ready to kill each other for a chip. :P 

We then went to the Sand Sculpturing exhibition and took lot of picture. I'll be sharing around 50 of them, 10 each week, not to overwhelm anyone. :P Here's a sneak peak.

Mermaids Sirens  

Afterwards the others waited in the car while I took pictures of the beach and area. Then we went to shopping. Procrastination  We have a law essay due tomorrow and appointments all morning tomorrow. 

How did you spend your day off? 

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