Happy Lab = Science + Candy @ Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Wednesday Chadstone had a VIP Night, they're always on Wednesdays, though on this particular wed I didn't have my accounting class. Lots of stores had offers, unfortunately that excluded Bras 'n' Things. :( But Happy Lab had 40% off! With so many people around there wasn't really much room to browse, but we did get a few things. :)

My first encounter with Happy Lab was at a Westfield, where Freud & I stopped for lunch on our way to visiting his college a couple/few hours away. It looks like a mad scientists' dream, candy in test tubes. Jelly beans, chocolates, lollipops and gummies, are a few of the things they sell.

As there was too many people, and it was scary I didn't get any pictures. 
So here's one from Edge Concepts, who designs store layouts and the space.

Pop Corn - uncle sam's finest
cinnamon bun & something mint 8.00
This was amazing! Regret not buying more.

fudgees - salted caramel
you can't fudge a real french kiss
Little Black Box 100g 8.00 

barrista praline pastilles 9.00
They charged me for two of these when I bought one!
HQ/O said to go back to the store for a refund, but I live very far away.

Pots of Gummies 2.00 each
The apple juice was great, though too sweet. 
Grape bears were meh.  

belgian chocolate chip - square block 75g 4.50
Cruella Deville's favourite taste of happiness 

ny cheesecake - square block 75g 4.50
have a slice of happiness - new york style
Melts in your mouth just like Kinder Bars.

chocolate therapy pops - lick your way to happiness
vanilla snowball & mint swirl 3.50 each

Lovely Dovelys
Heart gummies. Made in china.
Didn't like these. Freebies as they expired the next day.

Have you ever been to the Happy Lab?    

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