One Week till Exams - Missing Classes @ Wednesday, May 29, 2013


And I'm sick again. Day 6. :( Must be all the exam stress. Unproductivity 80%. Created a long to-do list. Attempted to download work, but the website is down. Missed mr mob's lec, which I always look forwards to, and yet miss half the time. :(

Mr events emailed me to say the cupcake was very nice :) Sent at 7am O.o too early for work (other than in events :P). Also got an email saying I won Downton Abbey Season 3 on DVD! :) Can't recall last time I watched a dvd, everything's online.   

This week would be two months since le beau left me. :( I miss him so much. Been sick for about the last 4wks, with it getting worse last week. Some days it's not as bad. Is it possible I'm dying from a broken heart? I had a dream where I gave mr IT a queen of hearts card to pass onto Austin when I'm gone. The significance of that is that my business cards are printed on the back of playing cards. 

Shopping at Melb Central. Kiehl's samplings. Cupcakes.
Posting coming up soon. 

Stayed up late working on law reflections. Crashed and spent the day in a coma, didn't sleep the day before. Missed law :( which is one of those subjects if you missed a class you get very confused later on. Still got 3 of those to watch. New recording system doesn't allow downloads and records audio only. :( 

Slept in, but arrived just in time for my scene. Freaking out a little about the law book, today's goal is to watch and make notes on one lec. That didn't happen. One of the girls bought slices which was very nice, white choc & rasp. and choc espresso  :) I'm bringing cake on Wednesday. "drei kleine enten" sounds a lot like 'dry clean intern' XD.   

"She never amounted to anything." I was one of those strange kids who liked school, it was an escape from him. Another Sunday spent in bed, not sick. Got up at 9.30pm, even though I set my alarm on 9.30am. Had lots of adventure in my dreams. :) Sometimes I wished I could live in my dreams.

A couple weeks ago I bought a 24 cupcake carrier, from Kmart for 10.00 after reading a good review on it, and my summary is that it's great - if you're transporting it in a car. It's quite big and bulky as you'd expect? But it's very strong - I dropped it and it didn't crack or open up. I'd definitely recommend it, though personally I shall be looking for a small one, as I don't need to carry around that many cupcakes. The height's great though - if you frosted your cakes. 

How do you transport your cupcakes? 
Is there that one thing you always bring to class/work parties?

Chemist Warehouse is having a sale (as they often do :P) and we bought a couple things.. Sukin's Rose Hip Oil 50ml 20.00 + Facial Moisturizer (GWP) + Lip Treatment. By the way Batiste Dry Shampoo is on sale for 5.00.

Have you tried any RHOs?  

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