Tokui Sushi - Melbourne Central @ Sunday, May 19, 2013

Saturday lunch at Tokui Sushi. Decided to try something new, though perhaps raw fish was not the best idea... I did give it a go through, licked it and spat it out. No chewing involved. It was gross! Raw fish is not my thing. Tokui offer a range of assorted packs all containing 4 pieces of Nigrir - Sake (Salmon), as seen in the picture below, back row.

Assorted Pack 7.00

Nigiri Sushi - Vinegar rice topped with a slice of raw or cooked fish, or vegetables. In this case it was topped with raw salmon. Scary raw, fine after cooked in the microwave for a minute. Plain, but with some soy sauce it's fine. 

Sushi - You basic type, this one contained prawns, caviar and avocado. While I know you're meant to eat with by placing the whole piece in your mouth, it's quite difficult to do. Prawn & Avacado is one of my favourite rolls. :)   

Tamago - Sweet Egg (that's the yellow one) was great as always. I always save that one for last. It's two rolls of sweet omlette/egg bundled to a rectangular (but with rounded corners) piece of rice by seaweed wrap. 

Inari/Inarizushi - Rice inside of a fried tofu pouch or long version [a fried tofu skin (aburaage) that's been cooked in a sweet-soy sauce based sauce, drained then stuffed with sushi rice) was nice], it was sweet and nice, totally unexpected as I don't like tofu. I would defiantly try this again.

More Pictures :P

Tamago - Egg

The service here is always fast and friendly, Tokui is located very close to 7 Eleven near Melbourne Central on La Trobe. To get there from Melbourne Cetral Station you can go through the shopping center, towards Forever New, and turn left when you get to the street. It's the second place. 

Or from Flinders, take the tram to Bourke St (really Little Bourke really, with where it stops) and walk a block or two towards Melbourne Central. It's on the same block, left of the 7 Eleven opposite McDonalds.

What's your favourite sushi place? 

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Blogger Krissy said... on May 20, 2013 at 1:40 PM  

Oh I think I've been there! They do $2 sushi rolls, right? might have gone up in price now but I always remember that one place that had cheap sushi! ^_^

There's a good sushi place at Chadstone, I used to go there when I worked there - they had brown rice sushi, which is good, cos I luuurve brown rice :)

Blogger Charlie said... on May 20, 2013 at 5:19 PM  

I think it's Diana that you're talking about, I was at Tokui two weeks ago. :P

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