Anna Karenina @ Friday, July 12, 2013

Hats & Veils

We found a character map. Here's the simple one, and then there's the book version

I found it a bit confusing as to how the girls were related to each other, and whether Betsy & Vronsky were doing it or not. In the book they're cousins, but the film implies they're either doing it or Anna's paranoid. 

I love Betsy's dresses and her ice queen look.

Princess Myagkaya aka Lady Mary

Love Kitty's Dresses

Anna's costume analysis

I love balls, if only they had them today.

I love big dresses.

One of my favorite dresses.

Well that was depressing. For someone who got hit by a train she looks fantastic. Loved the concept/mis en scene of the stage. And how the characters walk from one scene to the next. An  analysis. "The bustling, "fake", acting, world of city life in St. Petersburg is contrasted by natural, organic, sweat and blood "reality" of life in the country.The costumes were nice.

Love the chandeliers and wallpaper, though most house scenes felt so big, empty and cold.

Have you seen Anna Karenina? What did you think of it?

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