Today posts in one day, on the same event as I want to get it over with. The memory of it that is, unfortunately I still have to submit it in my log book. 

Saturday - Day 2

The doctor prescribed lots of rest, water, a hot bath and perhaps a massage if it hurts less. I'm also not to pick up anything more than 2kg and not be up on my feet for more than a few minutes at a time. 

It hurts to stand. We were going to go out for dinner but I'm too tired so I'm going to take a long bath which le beau gets Crust and we'll watch Enchanted tonight. I can't lift my arms very high and can't take of my top which I need to return tomorrow. At this point someone's going to cut me out. My shoulders, neck and arms ache and I can't get out of the position. 

Picture from another event. Didn't see carrot cake.

Today there were more girls, most were in the tea room resetting the entire room every couple hours along with the waiters. There was one doing Bunderberg drinks (no water here, only soda), two on Lychee beer and two going around with trays of Sara Lee cake. Chocolate & Banana both were fluffy and amazing, though I prefer the Chocolate.

Meanwhile I was assigned to go around with a platter of Guylian chocolates. But first there was debate. I was sent off in the directions of linens to get serviettes. Why I asked her how many she wanted she looked at me like I was dumb. Two plates = two serviettes. Ok... Two packets? It turns out she believes that a serviette and napkin is the same thing and insist so. It is not! There was a debate on that. It is like saying toilet paper and tissues are the same thing. 

"Serviette" to refer to the paper variety, and the word "Napkin" to refer to the cloth variety. 

Serviettes are found at fast food joints, starbucks, picnics, parties and at some social dinners, where they are often colourful and folding into some orgami structure. They are made of paper and are a one use disposable item. Meanwhile napkins are found only at restaurants and at dinner parties, they're often white and reusable (being made of cloth you wash it).

Next few hours were spent going around with the platter. Something I hated was that about half the women stood there and analyzed whether to have one or not. The tray was heavy and I need to keep moving. My shoulder and arms are now stuck in that tray holding position, it hurts. One women regretted not bring sandwich bags to grab a few handfuls O.O and yes she said that out loud. 

At some point we moved some boxes around and my back started hurting. Still had to do it though. When I was holding the door for the other girls miss bossy (not the organizer, but one of them) grabbed my wrist to pull me away from the door! She could have asked. With that and my dislike of her I went full on OCD mode and ran off to wash my hands on lvl8 (we were on LG).

Later on when I was piling up chocolates on the tray in the storage room (also the break room  a very small one) I'd almost finished but she interrupted me and told me she needed me to leave the room, in a condescending manner, it is almost like whenever she's giving orders her voice drips with condesendment. It's not that she's mean, she's just not nice, considerate or has any warmth in anything but the colour of her dress.

Miss Bossy on the LPC Scale

It was only management that was unpleasant to various degrees (depending on the person), the other girls were nice and so was the cloak room girl, tea stand woman, CFD guy and guy at reception.   

Fortunately soon they said I could go, not sure if the allocated task was complete (though we did give out half the boxes in the storeroom) or miss bossy got tired of me. I'm sorry if I will not stand for being treated like I'm inferior. That was around 1pm. The other girls probably stayed to 5pm the listed finish time.

Unfortunately I may have to back tomorrow. Yes I'm scheduled for tomorrow but there is no way am I going to stand being in the same room as that woman, she treats me like a servant - note that I'm not actually getting paid. It's just exp points. I was given the promo top for the chocolate company to wear but couldn't take it off cause my arms (and neck/shoulder area) are stiff, hurt and I can't move my arms much more than 120 degrees at most. My feet also ache and I can barely stand. 

2.5kg chocs + platter. According to Fernando. Moment equations and how you react them, weight doesn't increase over time, you decrease in strength.

Without doubt this is the worst event I've worked at. Though only this event and the Glow Run were bad, and both had cold, unfriendly, condescending (on various levels) and almost abusive (think slave labour) people in management  It's another day when I think I should quit events and go back to education.

Emailed the organizer that I won't be there tomorrow other than to return the shirt, and to inform her that I won't be back and I intend to report this incident to my institution.

What's the worse job you've ever had, because of management?

Pretty Things Vendors Sold

The Windsor

Princess Theatre

This fountain water feature has lights at night. Once wandered into it and got wet.

A gloomy day.

Unedited Lighting

Lunch - Quiche, Cinnamon Muffin, Chicken Sandwich, OJ
Extremely edited lighting. The power of photoshop.
For real lighting on the day see 3 pictures above.

Retail Therapy on the way home. Found a cute owl heat pack at Sussans for $10. Owls seem very very popular these days. They're alright though my favourite animal (other than dogs) are bunnies. 

This also came in a few other colours, including grey.

I like the pink most, though I need to jazz it up, sew on a rhinestone or two. 
No glitter though, that might come out in the wash. 

Blogger CL said... on July 28, 2013 at 9:21 PM  

yes on the napkin v serviette thing!

bummer about the crap boss, but the upside of situations like that is that they prepare you to be a better people manager in the future :)

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