Last Week of June @ Wednesday, July 03, 2013

24th Monday June

On Monday we went to China Bar near the theatre.
Interesting ceiling feature, didn't notice that on the day.

Made a card. Haven't made any for a while, with exams and theatre.


Ms Card's Version (No glitter)

End of Term Party - Miss J made an amazing cake.
Deadly unhealthy, cream, chocolate, sponge. Death by diabetes. 

Mail. Big box, two small (in relation to the box) blocks of mint chocolate.


 Lunch @ Madmex. Nachos.

50s Hair Show

Potential Classroom Deco. 
those butterflies wouldn't have been fun to cut out.

We went for a walk. Picture for a photography competition. 

Crispy Prawn Burger from BonBons Bakery.
Recently opened on Flinders. Great service, review coming soon.

Dinner - Teriyaki Chicken from Purple Peanuts

Worked at a dinner event tonight, it was intense - the event that is. With a schedule that had lots of notes, what was on at what time and who was responsible for it. I was a logistics assistant, one of three (the other two didn't turn up). My part was to look after the band, 'Quarry Mountain Dead Rats' to get them on stage on time and direct them to the green room, where it was freezing! Somehow the guys managed to entertain themselves for a few hours in between performances. One said 90-99% (I forget the exact %) of the job is waiting and so they're very good at killing time. They were quite nice.

Other things we did were help people find their tables on arrival and towards the end refresh the fruit/veggies (Coles was a major sponsor and had a fruit/veg stand where attendees could grab a bag and help themselves). Avocados were the most popular followed by limes and then mushrooms. There were huge purple and green (not together) cabbages and lots of mandarins  among other things. 

We met some nice people, the cloak room lady and the security guy. I define over-sharing as showing a picture of your very attractive (for her age) girlfriend in a bikini to a stranger. He looked very young for his age, and said the secret is yoga. He'd work at music festivals and had hilarious stories about drugs and tree climbing.  

"I'm not going to dealing with this bs!" Staring me as the bs. As you may have been able to tell I'm not too popular especially with the other kids at school. I never talk to them, or rarely, and I do not interact with them. There were two girls in my class working at the event and one wasn't, well, she's not mean, she's just not nice, to me. With the attitude towards me being "I'm not going to dealing with this bs." I slightly dislike her as she's not nice, though she really doesn't like me. But it doesn't matter I have no intentions of doing group work with her. Interestingly like most girls she's very nice when she wants something from me. 

We're just missing cheese & crackers. :P

OpenID peachcordial said... on July 3, 2013 at 11:12 AM  

Gorgeous card! I love it. Do you make your own flowers?

Blogger Charlie said... on July 3, 2013 at 7:16 PM  

Thanks. :) We made the flowers using a paper crimper. Stuck the paper through that and then peeled it, each shape into two parts. Not recommended. :P It took forever and you need nails.

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