Last Weekend of June @ Monday, July 08, 2013

29th Saturday

Made blueberry waterberry friands. They were great. :) Even w/o cream. Though I think the use of icing sugar instead of castor sugar fools you into thinking it's not that high in sugar. :P Everyone ate this - which is extremely rare, mother being a health lecture, Andy who doesn't do cake and father who refuses to touch anything I make (other than smoothies).

Basque thought it was fun to put me on hold for 45mins then hang up. My phone battery died and hasn't been the same since, though between last Saturday and the time of posting this it has recovered.

30th Sunday

For the first time in months I went to badminton. I didn't want to go out of cbf-ness but did it anyway. :) Played about four rounds. 

Shopping. Last day of June Sales. Looking for the perfect winter skirt. A candidate was the Saskia Skirt from SABA, but sadly it was two inches too short, and the wool content was a thin layer and only 40%. But I do love the cool zip pockets. 

SABA - Saskia Skirt 120.00

By luck we found the (almost) perfect wool skirt at Alannah Hill, Penny was very helpful. And it was only 94.00 and 90% wool, and this time you could actually feel the wool. Here it is in pink as everything looks the same in black online. 

I DO Need A PONY! Skirt 94.00  

I love their leather skirt, but it was a bit over the budget at 250.00 and the family's vegan, so leather is on the lines of murder. :( Do you like leather skirts? I've always wanted one.

Basque Rose Print Ponti Dress 48.00

Bought a dress from Basque (Myer brand, like Miss Shop, but for adults). I've always wondered what 'ponte/ponti' means, turns out it is "a double-knit fabric with interlock. It has stability, firmness, flexibility and softness. This means it can be used in making dresses, blazers, and more structured pieces. It holds its shape and also maintains comfort". In all better quality then your cheap cotton on quality crap.

Pretty beads... shame the dress was crap quality.

Did you buy anything during June Sales?

OpenID peachcordial said... on July 17, 2013 at 2:40 PM  

Ooh I went to the Saba sales too - lucky you held off, they did an extra 40% off very soon afterwards. I got a three piece suit in the sales.

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