For dessert we went to T. Cavallaro & Sons, which is the place I would picked. :) 
It's a place to visit on my list.

Things in the Window 

Will be back to try this.

They sell lots of Italian treats.

Including some recognizable ones.

We ordered a box of their famous cannolis (a Sicilian pastry dessert, tube-shaped shells of fried pastry dough, filled with a sweet, creamy filling usually containing ricotta) with choc/vanilla custard, and profiteroles/cream puffs.

One more picture. :P

There was a table for two, and amazingly our group of 14 (?) fit into the tiny vintage shop, though we agreed that if someone came in one has to go out. XD 

The cannoli was very nice. I'd highly recommend it and would get it again, half choc/vanilla custard and ricotta. We also had coffee hot chocolate, not milky nor creamy, though this isn't a chocolate cafe. Average, though it looks like they specialize in coffee & cannoli.

They sell lots of coffee things, and crazy teapots (not pictured).  

Highly recommended you try the cannoli, both half/half custard and ricotta, if you're in town. 

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Overall we had an enjoyable afternoon, with the highlight being dessert :P but I also enjoyed the Indian and will be back, perhaps for take-away. The progressive lunch costs $15 pp. though I think that it was also partially funded by the school who organized the event as a part of Multi-Culture week.  

Have you ever been to a progressive lunch/dinner? It's like a pub crawl, but with food, and hopefully no one eats so much they have to crawl. XD

Part 1 - African
Part 2 - Asian
Part 3 - Indian
Part 4 - Italian

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