Cookies & Cards @ Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunday 4th August

Not sure where the weekend went. No work was done till late Sunday night when we realized that there were hw Qs. 

Made one two Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Oat Cookies.
It was interesting. Tastes floury despite having no flour.
Gluten & Butter free, almost vegan.
Notes on freezing cookie dough

3.30am Monday. Discovered my subject that I thought started wk4 has already started, and it's online rather than on campus. O.O On the intro forum everyone says where they work (as in a real job) but I don't have a perm-ish job, so perhaps I picked the wrong subject... Emailed the lecturer, awaiting reply. (Didn't email the tutor as she's a hard marker, has a no nonsense approach and I loose marks when I use American spelling). 


Proof that I was at school during daylight. :P

Week 3. Missed the lec again, and she's not recording them. :( But I did make it to the tut (15mins late) and contribute as I did the homework. Stakeholders for sexpo, everyone picked a character I was the tourism minister. There's a guy in the class with big hair who looks like that x factor judge, he's got big personality to go with it. His part was the church, gave a great performance  as a preacher on the "house of sin". XD *dramatically* Got in a group for the project (part 1 due next week)... 

Train. Mocha Swiss Roll from Bread Kingdom 2.00 
I like it - but wouldn't recommended or will buy again though, cream too buttery.

Last Week's 'King of Spades' Card.

Made some cards. They were alright. Not really my style though.

Did like the seaweed though with rhinestones.

Ms cards made cool teddy in bed cookies ^^. 
The teddy bears were a bit soft though cause of the icing. 
Last time I ate icing was in RE in middle school, they don't ice cupcakes anymore.


Running late, misplaced items (not my fault) running another hour late. The result: no work was done today. The plan was to do the hw Qs for marketing and draft the essay, with the plan due tomorrow. 

181 Collins St. It's very high with a glass lift.
Bottom right picture, quad was a raised platform, water around it.

Had my brows done and decided to (partly) walk back to the building taking pictures along the way. And I came upon this...

Rhodes & Beckett - Tom Daley Verde Silk Shirt 260.00

Elegantly tailored silk blouse with detachable pussy bow tie. Made with luxurious satin finished silk from Liberty of London to ensure lasting comfort and a beautiful drape.

Isn't it beautiful? It comes in red too. If I was a man I'd love to work at a place like that or Henry Bucks. Le beau's quite fond of the shirts at Rhodes & Beckett.

Not my picture.

We went to dinner at St Peter's, a AGFG Hatted Restaurant, opposite the Greater Union cinema near Twisted Toys. It's a $$$ place, worth it? To be determined. With a groupon deal  we got a 3 course dinner with a glass of Prosecco each for $65. Limited menu, but it was only a few dishes (mainly desserts  that was not available  including the salmon I wanted (though they did offer the dish with a white fish instead). Not sure if they were out of salmon or the dish wasn't offered for those who bought the deal. Oh and the menu online/offline is different, there are more dishes & different desserts at the place.

Review coming up.

I do like night photography.

We shall take wedding pictures at night around the city.   

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