First Round of Essays Due @ Monday, August 19, 2013

Sunday 11th August

Weekly movie night, last week was Bridesmaids. It had really good reviews though we didn't like it. It was very funny but trashy at the same time (the fittings in particular) that part was absolutely disgusting. The bride had no personality whatsoever. Fortunately our protagonist Annie did. Helen was funny, mean girls (though I can't tell if she's actually a bitch or not) acting all nice, I've met girls like that. Loved the bridal shower.

Isn't she pretty? I do love the fur shawl. And big hats. I'm a hat person. 


A very very windy day, it rained too. Intense showers around 12.40 for a minute or two. 

Late again. Bus was early, walked to another stop and end up making it JIT (just in time). Handed in 1/2 essays due this week. Epic fail on the bit where we were meant to use formal language. One of the girls in the group is taking a photography class, how cool is that? I'd love to be arts isn't my major and that class is very $$$. 

Saw mr marketing though I wasn't certain it was him (only seen him a couple times from a distance) I can only be certain when I hear his voice. He doesn't like Americans (most people don't here is seems) or cookies! Instead he likes Lipton tea. 

Let the waffling begin. It's all very interesting though, he talked about the arab culture change, how they started out as shepherds with their flock, time shift then they used to be western-ish and women wear pants, and now they're doing their own muslim thing. Where did Aladdin fit into this?

Late for my next class, stopped by Southern Cross for 'Nachitos' (4.30) nachos but smaller and less complex for kids. Got mine w/o the guacamole. Nice, but not something I'd get again. Nachos with runny sour cream and cheese, nothing special. Their nachos however are much much better. 

Lunch was a sandwich  Mexican Chicken with Cheese. I like it, but prefer the egg & lettuce  What was disturbing was the ingredients list though. Don't they just buy all the stuff and put it together?

Cards. Ms Card's was better, the ombre effect. One of the girls bought chocolate chip cookies ^^ with broken bits of Cadbury block as chips. They were medium sized, the cookies, which is my style. Haven't finished the cards yet at the moment. 


Saw the lawyer who confirmed what I said/knew. Some people really should not have a phd, especially when it seems to make them think they're an expert in all fields. 

Got the essay in around time. Nothing makes you more productive than the last minute or hours. :P

Question of the Day: "If he's a f**king a**hole why are you friends with him?!" Mother's friend is just that, he keeps saying sh*t about me like how I'm studying to be a dishwasher - and no I'm not a waiter. One of the many lies he's told includes me being red faced due to embarrassment as his son is better than me. That is complete bs! We're not even studying the same thing! Fortunately the apple fell far from that tree and his son is nice and not a a**hole.  

People only stop by when they want something. So what does he want? Money. He's going around to everyone he knows to ask for money for the poor (abandoned children sex slaves this round) as he's going on another (holiday) trip to Africa to make him look like a good person when really he's just an a**hole. One of the many unpleasant people mother is "friends" with. 

Seafood Fried Vermicelli with Tom Yum Sauce 11.00

We had take-away for dinner as I didn't feel like being around people. This place does huge servings. I always end up getting take-away. I like these noodles, though the seafood weren't seasoned. Recommend? Yes. We also had Char Kaw Teow 10.00 which was very heavy, I prefer light foods. With two huge take-away boxes it was 4 servings.   

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