Friday Lunch @ Shyun @ Friday, August 09, 2013

A couple weeks ago we were going to have dinner at Shyun, but someone forgot to make a booking (it's very small and popular). I like lunch, sunlight is preferable to artificial lighting. We really like this place and it's our 3rd visit.

Sushi Bar

There's more seats behind the white door.

Nikon Undon - Beef Noodles 10.10 

Wanting something warm, after waiting for me for ages in the rain jas went for the beef noodles again, which he said is much better with soy sauce (provided in the tray on the table).

Bento with Karaage & Miso Chicken Katsu 11.00 

I took a while to order as I had left my notebook in the other bag (I had already picked what to order but couldn't remember). Discussions on what goes with chicken, for my custom bento box. I had the miso chicken katsu (fried with special sauce) and karaage chicken (think kfc, but more healthy-ish and less spices). It was very nice, and the miso chicken was amazing! It's the same/similar chicken as Donburri & BBQ but 1000% better! Highly recommended!

With the DIY Bento, like the one I ordered it comes with fresh leaves + colesaw, 2-3 tablespoons of cellophane noodles, a potato salad and rice. That's 3.00/4.50 (depending on whether it's lunch or dinner) and then you pick your meats/other bits, for 3.00+. I love that you can custom your box. 

Homemade Baked Cheesecake 4.50 

Shyun has updated their dessert menu since we were last here, baked cheesecake was an addition to their menu. It was soft, cheesy but light (nothing like The Cheesecake Shop, which feels like eating a tub of cream cheese), had citrus (according to jas) and a bit of rum (according to me, though it was in one piece rather than all). We both loved it! Jas once again regrets not ordering what I did. :P I always let him try what I'm having though. This cheesecake, the spongy texture reminded me of Cassava Coconut Vietnamese Cake (Banh Khoai Mi) a little.

Black Sesame Ice Cream 3.30 

On the other side jas had the black sesame ice cream, which he really liked. Though he still likes it on his steak/beef, something about the sweetness of the sesame seeds... We'd both recommend the ice cream (I had it last time and really liked it). *Regrets not ordering two things for dessert* 

Knitted Crocheted Sushi - Picture by jas 

The bill was $30 for both of us O.O I thought they had forgotten to add dessert, but that wasn't the case. This is probably the cheapest place we've been to and loved (repeat visit with friends to follow).

Pretty Lanterns

I've just noticed during this visit, the textures. 
Oak wood ceiling, brick wall, dark cherrywood seating.


A lovely afternoon, it rained then the sun came out, in time for great pictures, and then it rained again as we were done. Service was good as always. And we got some great pictures with no people as we were the last to leave. :P

Owls at a Hair Salon Nearby - S&P Shakers?

Discussions over lunch includes dates. Would it be ok to bring your date here? With the consideration that it's a small place (book for dinner), not somewhere you linger for too long, and it's cheap. Jas says not on a first date, and you'd introduce it as "this lovely place I know and dine at often". 

The first date. Coffee? Bar? Jas says it's all about the atmosphere  an $$+ place then. Vue De Monde? Does coffee mean "let's get it on" these days? Or does the context have to be considered. We all know what coffee back at my place, after dinner means. But what about asking a stranger at work? Something hopefully I'll never have to analyze again :).

What's your favourite Japanese place? 

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