One Week. Two Days - Five New Places @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On Sunday, actually I don't remember when it was as I didn't make notes. We made my favourite packaged muffins/big cupcakes. Betty Crocker's Cinnamon Crumble Muffins. Baked for 20 minutes they were perfect. As we didn't have any green apples I added chocolate chips instead. In hind sight it was a bit much. But nevertheless I still love these muffins.

Also loving. Dark Chocolate's the best of the four.   

Monday 20th August

Today we got to school early. Lay down and watched the clouds float by for a bit and I may have taken a micro-nap... That was outside the classroom literally.

Last week's cards. Not my best. 

Ms cards is sick so we spent the afternoon planning  the events evaluation sent it to mr perf, awaiting reply (a week later we're still waiting). Smoothie break. Went for a walk in the rain, it's amazing how many people don't have umbrellas. Opened the marketing book, and discovered the candy bowl in the library. :P Saw miss eco on the way out, she walked into the lift just as I had put a Fantale in my mouth. 

Discovered my battery for the camera didn't charge last night. That was disappointing  remember that vending machine? there was a big $3.50 bag of snakes stuck mid-way (that's why they design it so you can't stick you hands up there anymore). Also the 2nd row is right up against the glass so you can't buy anything from the top two rows.

Bought some flags for the date book. The post-it ones are great, we've used them before. But because these were on sale, normally 7.50 I got them instead for $3. Love clearances at Officeworks. Got 250 dollies for $2, was $7. And a free lego rubber for my novelty eraser collection.

I have a few crafty ideas with what to do with the dollies


Slept in. Dead tired. Dreams of being at an unfamiliar school, scary lifts, library and a pillar that went through a floating path, taking up most of the space so you had to go around but not fall off the edge of the path (lower level). Saw Hector, not sure what we spoke about.

New record for time getting to school 75mins. Arrived just a couple minutes late, mr marketing does not repeat things. He's nice, but from afar. Met the chef again, he isn't a dessert person! That's just nor right. 

Trip home, went to get yoghurt, ended up with custard and a coconut bar. :P

Feeling overwhelmed. So many events that are very competitive coming up. Passive aggressive is what Ashley recommends, bitch mode is more of what I do. Ethnic lunch tomorrow, treasure hunt friday + dinner/opera, pressure to win as we won last year. Priceline riot same time as shopping treasure hunt. Shopping festival, lots of bitchiness, lots of lines. Jazz night. And that's all before/during the next round of projects due. 


Progressive Lunch. Ethiopian, Italian and Vietnamese food in Footscray.

It started with Aybe Rolls at Kojo.

And ended with Cannoli at T. Cavallaro & Sons. 

In class things are happening, almost got the venue. I sketched the stationary (flyers, tickets, etc) the frame, next I'll do the font. It was very art deco. I did half with a ruler, the other half freestyle, and duplicated the better half.

Being super tired from the day's adventures I may have dozed off for a few slides during the lecture. 

Dinner was at Purple Peanuts another one of my favourite places, conveniently located opposite Southern Cross. 


Trying something new, something I should do more of. I ordered the 'Chicken Burger', 'flame grilled chicken marinated in soy, sake, sesame & ginger. Served in a Turkish bread roll and a miso-maple sauce with mixed salad'. Oh wow the sauce is amazing! Shame there wasn't enough of it. The "burger" is the healthiest "burger" I've ever had though. If they tripled the sauce I'd recommend it, otherwise stick to the teriyaki chicken. Oh and it had no tomato and was served warm. :)

Can't take pictures with one hand... As I thought I was late (10mins early actually) no decent picture were taken. But you get the jist. Turkish bread roll (sub shaped) with greens, chicken and an amazing sauce.

Service was friendly and prompt as always. By the way they've added more items to their menu, we shall plan to return within the next few months.

A new place to try.

Entertaining myself while waiting. - Potato Salad & Fried Rice

Sushi's often more like $3 than $2 a roll.

Tim Tam Honeycomb
As soon as you open the pack you can sell the honeycomb. 
Sadly you can't really taste it, only hints. 


A long day starting with a scavenger hunt. We lost - but it's ok, because we were disadvantaged with having only 1.5 people on the team (last year we had 4).

Dinner plans fail (not on my part), got take-away from Peko Peko. I really like that place. 

Opera. Guy to our left munches on a box of Malteasers (a type of candy, that's right - I could hear it was a box), at some point he opens a can of beer! This is the bit where I insist jas leans over and ask if he's got popcorn. 

Dessert. Max Brenner? Line too long. Pancake Parlour? Too loud. Secret Kitchen? Cake! Oh and no lines, it was popular but as there was no alcohol and it wasn't really a Friday night place it was nice. I really hope that stain on the plate is chocolate from that dessert...

Chilled Cookies 'n' Cream Cheesecake

How was your week?  

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