Exploring Yarra Glen @ Friday, September 06, 2013

On the way home we went exploring. An old railway Yarra Glen, all was old but the crossing - dusty, but new white paint. Closed in 1980, the platform itself looked not so safe to check out, so I didn't go there. It seems they're slowly restoring the place.

To get up there on the hill (where the tracks were) we went well went up the hill - walked. It was quite steep and scary. There was wet bits of where it had rained, as in potentially slightly dried up mini-stream. In Pokemon you learn not to go into wild/tall grass unless you're ready to be attacked by wild Pokemon so I didn't feel too good about going up there. Once I was up there I couldn't get down XD fortunately as you walked towards the rail crossing the hill decreased and blended into ground level.

Side View of the Bridge

A Mini River

Saw another old railway later on, this time we didn't get up there, it probably wasn't safe.

Attempted to get pictures of cows, as I approached they ran off - except one that stared at me. Kinda scary if you consider how big they are! They're taller than me. I think it knew I'm not a vegetarian... It kept watching me and then did its business. Pretty sure that's what happened rather than the cow 'wetting its pants' that was ...

We'd recommend having a day trip to the area, perhaps on a certain Sunday when they have their monthly farmer's market. Also check out the wineries in the area. The chocolate place is kid-friendly, but if it's more of an adult trip it might be fun to have a picnic. ;)

Oh and don't go during bush fire season though, and try to get back before dark - long country roads don't have street lights. Personally we wouldn't want to go on the weekend as during August it was quite popular, and there was lots of kids (funny saying that, as I used to work in education) and they're loud. 

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