This week was ordinary (dislike) with the exception of Saturday, the mail and Tuesday's trip. Le beau gave me a keyring thingy, like above except that in the girl half the rice grain has his name on it and vice versa, so I have his name and he has mine. Wafers were on sale, I love them! I saw an Alpaca! (in real life), I also heard a cow moo! Le beau came across this amazing stamp, we have to get it! After we find a place we'd want to stay for a while first.

We're considering (he said yes, I'm thinking about it) making our own stationary for the wedding as it's a lot cheaper. There will be stamping, cutting and pretty things involved. We both can't justify paying $5 for an invite, as honestly no one (except me) cares that much about them, and they'll end up in the recycle bin. We are going to get a $5 for pictures though.     

Monday 26th August

Forgot to write about Monday for some reason. Ms cards was away again. Spent the afternoon at the library, completed the stationary set for the event. Started the evaluation essay, procrastinated  and ended up finishing at 2am. Not sure if that's what happened this Monday or the last though... I don't remember much.

Cards from Two Weeks Ago  


We went shopping. There was a sale. Got everything on my list except the Herbal Essence Drama Clean (added to the list whilst I was there, the SA didn't recommend Garnier Fructis - Oily Roots Dry Ends ). I was very lucky to get the last Alchemy Lemongrass, we were at the local store at 10am and they only had one of the big ones left. The rest of the Alchemy range was untouched though.

Batiste has increased the size of their can, 150ml to 200ml. How did I notice? It almost doesn't fit on the shelf in the bathroom. I tried a lot and this is my favourite dry shampoo, though I'm going to try Klorane. Redken Oil Detox (white bottles) doesn't work for me so once again I'm trying different shampoos. It's a lot cheaper than seeing a $180 dermatologist for now. The pump bottle of Alchemy is normally $26, got it for $16. :) Redwin - the cheapest shampoo I've ever bought. It would be amazing if it turns out to be the one shampoo that reduces my oil problem.

Do you have an oily scalp? Which shampoo do you use?  

A little before noon we met Jas for our trip to Yarra Glen. It's about an hour away from us. A nice sunny day, too windy for a picnic though. There was a big chocolate shop, with an Australia bush/outback inspired range. We bought lunch with us so we could save there and spent more on chocolate. :P Someone however forgot the memo that said BYO water, while at chocolate cafe's there's free water, here it's going to cost you $3.50 for a bottle.

I stuck to the plan and didn't buy this. Mousse is just chocolate & cream anyway - but it's so amazing! We had hot chocolate and ice cream. It was pretty good.

On the way back we stopped at a town near Coldstram, the Safeway there had full stock of pistachios! (There's none where we live, sold out, being on sale with 50% off). We also went exploring, old railways. This one is near Yarra Station, they're not using it anymore but they're still redoing it, the rail crossing is new. To get there we climbed a hill, like trees, once I'm up I can't get down...

In the area, the Yarra region there were a lot of wineries, but we didn't stop by any - reason above. Not my picture by the way. We had a fun day, that made the rest of the week dull. 


Nothing interesting happened today. I discovered Priceline Bourke St doesn't open late on a Wednesday just cause there's a sale. Discussions of the chocolate place we went to and the night market. Got out of class early as no one read the article we were going to discuss. Shopping. blueberry muffins and wafers. :)

In the mail I received a skirt I bought from ebay, it was $10 delivered from china. Note that it's no way near as puffy as in the picture - that one has something under it. Just like ebay wedding dresses it come flat, like how cereal pictured with milk and strawberries are just a serving suggestion. And now at 1am I'm craving Sultana Bran. :P

This also arrived. As it arrived after 45 days I received a refund. It spins but not as well as in the film. It also smells metallic  that yucky salty blood/metal smell, so we coated it with clear nail polish (Ulta3 is fine). It was under $5 on ebay. 


Nothing eventful happened :( In class we cut (that doesn't sound right as past tense...) out tickets. Met someone more of a perfectionist than me - if that's possible. Lay down outside the classroom, security sails by and locks up (with my stuff in there). How boring it is to be ordinary, even if it's just for a day or two. August has been a long month and so it seemed that we made Malay food last month, and so I had hot chips from Grill'd. Hot chips twice this month. O.O 


Appointments day. The dr recommends an ultrasound for the sore aching wrist. Trigger? Na, random. Think I hurt myself at the tea party, cause I haven't played badminton/tennis since.

Aching gums (?) making an appointment at the dental hospital, as my dentist (or rather her receptionist  has given up on me, implying I'm full of it and purely an attention seeker. They couldn't find the cause of the pain a couple times. 

In therapy we explored values, using picture cards. Mine seems to be:  Fun, Food, Romance, Costuming, Identity, Creativity, Achievements, Pretty Things, Wedding Planning, Cleanliness & Organization, Cute Fluffy White Creatures (often mistaken as my lesbian lover, till we point out she's 20cms tall and has long ears). Not in that order, but food and creativity does rank pretty high. Here's a MC list, and a longer one. 

Mail arrived just before we left. Strawberry Donut! I love these cool polymer clay food pendents etc. the first one I came upon was Tiny Hands (shipping kills it). While I love this stuff I haven't purchased any as cost per wear makes it not so well a good idea. I'm so excited about wearing this, but haven't figured out which outfit would work with it yet.

The one time I don't have my umbrella with me it rains! 
Funny how I didn't bring the umbrella but I still have the camera on me. :P 


Today we met for lunch and met a photographer friend to do some test shots for our engagement photo shoot. I feel weird about it as I don't like pictures of me... also it's challenging as I'm like 5" while he's 5'11". I DON'T like it when people make fun of my height! A long journey lies ahead for all the pictures, as I have to wear very high heels or stand on something. :( There will always be an assistant required when we see a photographer.

We started our date night day book, a list of A-Z ideas on things to do when we see each other. Spent forever doing the tabs for it as it didn't fit right next to each other, in the end I used the lines as a guide, so that each tag is overlapping half the next tag. 

A-Z which letter is going to get the most ideas? It's P, we're up to the second page for that letter. I found the word 'create' and 'make' come up most often. While searching for more ideas le beau found this library date idea, I love it!

We saw Date Night, I actually have the dvd, but they forgot to unlock it when I bought it so you can't actually open it. :( It was funny, we both liked it. A story of mistaken identity. There were corsets and poles involved. XD While with the later I 'd probably fall and break my neck I love corsets.       

Blogger Krista Blanks said... on September 2, 2013 at 12:20 PM  

Hi :)
I have a quick question about the ebay skirt you purchased...
Which little shop did it come from?
I love it!

Also - new follower here, loving what I see so far!

Blanks & Bliss

Blogger Charlie said... on September 2, 2013 at 7:29 PM  

Hi Krista,

This is the one I bought:

It's $9.50-ish AUD, and takes around a month to ship. When there's lots of sellers selling the same thing at similar prices it's best to go with the one that has sold the most.

Looks very puffy, but it's the styling. The black skirt is what it actually looks like.


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