W8 - Out & About Exploring @ Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday 9th Sept

Woke up 5 mins after my bus left... missing my morning class. Afternoon bus was late, so I missed my next bus and was going to be 30 mins late, but then something happened including traffic and road works and so I was an hour late. Got a tiny bit of work done and then the power went out and we had to evacuate for some dumb safety reason. And it started raining.

Class was dismissed as we already packed up when we had to evacuate and no one (be me) wanted to go back to class. Went to the library, took lots of pictures (scanning isn't free here). After 5yrs I have decided to read the instruction book on how to operate my camera (the mini) and yes I still have it and know exactly where it is. I took pictures of some very good info on budgeting  will share in a few weeks. 

Home. Made Spinach & Ricotta Agnolotti for dinner, would be nicer with freshly chopped herbs, but I failed to buy that. As wine hoarders and not drinkers we don't have a wine stopper, Fernando suggested microwaving the cork. It blew up, smoke alarm went off, everyone's awake. Drama follows. The house stinks and no amount of air fresher will mask the smell of burnt cork and white wine. What an asshole. Next time I'll ask jas. 


Epic fail of a study day. Dreams of the Royal Exhibition Building being a Marie A. themed hotel with a huge pool in the middle. Tea parties and fancy dresses. Not my picture, one of the ones from our project from Museums Victoria. 

Mail. My craft flat-back pearls arrived, though they sent me two whites instead of one white one cream... that and it's bigger than I thought (tragic as they did give me the measurements . Too big for cards, but could stick them on other stuff.  

Royal Melbourne Show, showbags released. "THE SUPER SHOW TRAIL BAG" looks great till you analyze it. For $12 you get: soap, cookies, sample bag of licorice, apple/pear, bunch of teas,  8g honey sample, more tea, plastic poncho. I do like the "RED ROCK DELI" bag $6, really like the "FREDDO DREAM" $6  and the "RAYNERS ORCHARD" $15  looks good.

I'm not working at the event as I didn't find out how to apply, other girls in the class are working at the event though. It's all a bit of a secret how to get positions that aren't posted by the careers dept. Though I admit I've never shared the events I found - other than with Emma, but that's because no one asks so I kinda have no one to share with. 

Le beau's birthday is next week, and I'm not really sure what to get him... as he doesn't have a wishlist on his computer (or not one I've found). Found this great post on "Gifts for the Guy who has Everything" and here's another good link.

A Guide to Buying Something...
1. Buy him the best-in-class example of whatever you're going to buy him within your budget.
2. Buy him something he wouldn't buy himself 
3. Buy him something he shouldn't buy for himself
4. Corkscrew, cigar, polo shirt, decanter, watch, tie. 
5. Metal/leather desk accessories.
6. His favorite liquor is a safe bet

With no.2 do you think cashmere socks is pretty much burning money? No I'm not getting him socks. :P Even if you can never have enough of them IMO. 


Birds that I found interesting. So many sparrows!

First day I've been to school this week, that can't be good. Walked a mile to the bus stop, getting a rash on my back caused by friction with the dress. :( I miss winter (no rashes in winter).

Meet jas for macaroons at 'La Belle Mitte' on Collins, a small parlour that's so small there's no register instead they use ipads to track things. And the counter is a glass box of macaroons.

I had the berry $3 and salted caramel $2.50. The berry was divine! 
Salted Caramel nice, love the caramel but the cookie part was a bit chewy. 
Picture not mine, from their fb page.

Went to Priceline. They had 40% Off Vitamin D. Nice guy called other location to hold stock for me. Was planning to buy x3 bottles for $36 but the girl serving me gave me another 40% Off! Making each bottle $7.20 ($12 cheapest price when on sale at Chemist Warehouse) and so I bought 7 bottles! Bargain of the month. 

Outside a guy was playing Canon in D, I love that piece! Yes he plays at events $400 for 2 hours. 2hrs is the minimum it seems. I want him at our wedding. Yukimine Ishino.

Sportsgirl on Bourke St always has interesting displays.

Sugar Station has a $2 special on Sodas. 

McD sells macaroons 6 for $10. Might try them sometime. While that shirt is ugly the outfit looks interesting. Quick t/a lunch from Mad Mex. BOGOF, nachos for lunch, a nakid burrito for dinner.

Class discussion on the hard maths project, as we get closer to exams there's less and less people turning up to class. Ruby talks about food (she's studying food) and can make macaroons successful! Class ended early and I made it home before 9pm which is rare. But then again there's a reason I don't like to go home till late.    

Afternoon snacks. 


OMG we have a sponsor who's going to donate 100 mini cupcakes! 
And they're not any cupcakes, they're amazing Little Cupcakes! Thank you so much!
(This is for our events project by the way, scroll for invite.)

I'm not a one of those people who have to be connected 24/7, and so I missed most of our group meeting today for the Gatsby project... Need 24-48 hrs notice, on the day doesn't go so well.

Something went down during group discussions as usual. I made a suggestion, the girls said no. Thing is it's something that I consider very important if not vital  from the position of a certain stakeholder. Mr perf agrees with me - that's right once again I have no consulted the group before asking questions. :P I like boys, they're easier to get along with, even if they're not into pretty things. We (me, myself & I) put up flyers the other day, printed on coloured paper. To make it stand out, most papers on the notice boards are b/w. Girls said no, it has to be b/w to go with our theme... Hell no am I taking them down. I wish you luck in finding them all. :P 

Last picture to inspire your outfit.


Market tour. 80 final pictures. 2.6k words in 5 upcoming posts. 

Discovered a cool Typo shop but will more interior designing 
stuff and less stationary 'The Super Cool (Emporium)'.

Back to the city.  Walked by Roulette Galette French Creperie, a place on my wishlist. 

Typo, I knew I'd seen that feature wall of book pages somewhere. 

Cupcakes from the Cupcake Bakery, looks better than it tastes. 

Bought postcards for Miss Canada, my pen pal.

Library. Gatsby Event - We have 3 more sponsors. Yay! A hamper from the Pancake Parlour and some pieces from two crafty ladies (yes I do love arty craft things).   

Friday along seemed like a week itself, when editing pictures and making notes. Next week will be less eventful and the event of the week is also the adventure: Gatsby party. All y'all invited! 

The Invitation *click to enlarge*.
Hope you can make it!

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