Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery
Part 2 -The Cafe

The Cafe

Chocolate Wheels - Yes there was a "no touchie" sign. :P

Eventually (after taking pictures of everything in the shop) we went to the cafe and had hot chocolate. Following the plan I didn't purchase any of the treats in the window, as I can get most from dessert places in the city/nearby. But that didn't stop me from taking pictures of everything. :P

Strawberry & Blueberry Tart

Endless Love - but with Strawberries

Hazelnut Tart

3 Chocolates (White - Milk - Dark) Mousse

Lemon Meringue Tart

White Chocolate Berry Tart

We had a picnic lunch before we go to the place as being a tourist place it's over-priced. And brunch/lunch isn't their specialty, so we didn't want to buy lunch there. 

During August the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie had a 'Hot Chocolate Festival' each week different flavours were offered. At 7.50 it's the most $$ hot chocolate we've had, though not the most $$ drink I've had.

*click to enlarge*

This week's menu. 

Jas had the 'Milky Bar' which in my opinion was great. I love it! While I had the 'passionfruit', I like it, would recommend if you love passionfruit, but wouldn't get it again. Jas preferred mine though, vice versa.

The hot chocolates came with a marshmallow, super soft, mine was passionfruit flavour, his not. Though from what I read it's vanilla, I just had passionfruit on my tongue. We also got white chocolate shots - it was great! It came from the wheel (3rd picture). But I was starting to get a sore throat from overindulging (I ate a lot of samples).

There was outdoor seating, but it already very very bright inside. The pictures of the hot chocolate above, in the lighting, hasn't been edited. It was that bright. I'm so glad that they didn't serve it in white cups & plates (like Lindt). Didn't like the wooden spoon, that was yucky and leaves a gross aftertaste. Adrian has explained why but I can't remember.

That's interesting. 

Jas felt sleepy after the drink and decided not to get ice cream. 

A girl from marketing highly recommended the vanilla ice cream and said it's huge. And she was right - if you get the cone. But then you have to be fast, being a slow eater I opted for the cup. Not as big scoops, but it didn't melt everywhere.

I had the espresso, it was very strong, which I liked, and the vanilla (think Connoisseur). Two scoops was $7, we don't normally get ice cream. It's always frozen yoghurt.


Unlike Panny's at Phillip Island there isn't a gallery of carnival games where you can win chocolate, sad. But I have never seen that anywhere else. By the way bring your own (picnic) lunch as the food here is expected to be average, as they major in chocolate & ice cream. Oh and a tip - BYO Water, it's like $3.50 a bottle here. Unlike chocolate cafes they don't provide water, tourist destination = everything's $$+ and there are no freebies. 

By the way the toilet paper dispenser is the most annoying thing ever! It's designed in a way that you can only get two pieces at a time. Why not just have a normal roller and have 1 ply instead?  

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Blogger Emma Fawcett said... on September 13, 2013 at 10:54 PM  

Just had to add that you do not have to pay for water! There is a free water station on the outside decking!!

Blogger Charlie said... on September 16, 2013 at 2:50 AM  

My friend discovered that later on when we went exploring :P but thanks for the tip.

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