Last Saturday we worked at the 'Great Amazing Race' Event. I don't know much about the event other than it pretty much goes for the whole day, teams are of 2+, and there's different locations with different challenges. And there will be teams that dress up, as well as teams were everyone had abs and are athletes  there's also those with those water backpacks that you see on hikes and cross-country events. :P Oh and the event is a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital.

8am train for work. Got lost on the way there.

Meeting at the car park, but there's no one here?
We were told NE, there's N and there's E only.

The Event Shirt

B'fast - Pineapple Chocolate Bun
Light and fluffy. Love! Highly recommended. There's no pineapple in it
 - that refers to the design of the bun. $2.20 from BonBons Bakery on Flinders.

The clue to get to us.  

I was with one of the girls who works for the event. We have nothing in common. She tolerates me, got annoyed with me pretty fast. Not happy with me showing her pictures I took as she said I was killing the battery. Also she was not cool with my comment to the first team to get there, that I said they were the first. Wtf... it's not like I told them the answer. 

She got bored with the job pretty fast and was a little aggro - pretty sure she's not normally like that, or at least I hope not. One of her tasks was to keep count of how many teams have passed and report back every hour or so. The way she marked it meant she had to count them all every single check-in point. There was 300 teams. There's an easier way of keeping track but I didn't say anything cause then she'd rage, or something as she's not one to take suggestions.

There was a kangaroo near by. At some point a group of asian boys took pictures with it, they took turns standing beside it and posing like it. XD Tourists, you could tell by their bags and tourist merchandise.

Our Challenge

You need 8/10 locations. They're all on the ground level - if you read (there's a second half to this sheet but it's not that important for this picture).

Shirts look like this.

My role was to mark the answers, everyone got it right except one team who decided to pick a bunch of shops nearby. He's just being amusing. It was the guy from the Mole I'm told. We have a picture.

After they got the right answers this was the next clue. Not sure what the challenge there was but it included bikes, tricycles and wheelbarrows and a course with rope barriers. No one really parks that high up, would have been perfect to fly a kite up there.

There were some teams with very cool outfits e.g.

Minions - Despicable Me
I've never seen this before! It's pretty cool.

The Flintstones + One

It's amazing that the group is that organized to just even get a group together, that or they're all related and it wasn't that hard to get together. That or my friends are ridiculously unorganized, unreliable and just aren't interested. e.g. I have to call them, they NEVER call me (except a couple). I feel as though I want them but they have lots of friends and don't really want me. I feel unappreciated  Fortunately le beau & co are wonderful and never make me feel like that.

Mario & L. - Pink Unicorns
Snow White & Alice of Wonderland
DIY Outfits. Reindeer & Clowns.  

Jayden ‘Mozzie’ Irving from The Mole

There were also some other celeb teams but I didn't see/recognize them.

Team Sailor Moon

I've never watched Sailor Moon, instead I watch Mermaid Melody (lots of singing the same songs over and over - that's their magical power) up till the episode where they stopped doing subtitles.

From North Melbourne you can see Costco and the wheel, but I've never been this close to it. At the base there's a mini carnival, Wonderland I think. There used to be a Wonderland theme park in Sydney.

The event seems pretty cool, jas wanted to do it but I was already signed on to work at it. I remember Ian did it years ago and there was cannoning involved. I want to do it next year but not sure if I can, it's very physical and I don't have the energy for it. These days I'm very restricted to what I do due to injury e.g. can't use a whisk or a hand fan. Currently learning to be left handed.

All staff got showbags with a sports drink, t-shirt, certificate and a bunch of flyers.

Have you ever participated in this event before? Will you enter next year?              

Blogger Megan said... on October 13, 2013 at 10:10 PM  

Looks like a fun event! I am SO jealous that you have a Costco in Melbourne... oh what I would give for a Costco nearby. :-)

Blogger Charlie said... on October 14, 2013 at 6:24 PM  

I've actually never been there, as you need membership and we don't buy in bulk when you cook for one and always freeze the other three portions. :P But if I do go there I'll take lots of pictures. :)

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