DIY Twine Lollipop Card @ Sunday, December 08, 2013

The first time I made this it was a bit stressful with analyzing how I was going to stick it down and have the string tightly wondered in a circle. Everyone says to use sticky dots (think double sided tape but in circles) which I didn't have. If I went down that path I'd need to cover a circle with little dots. But then I figured it out, actually le beau suggested it. We'd get some card, draw the circle, cover it with the tape (doesn't have to stay within the circle. Stick down the twine. PVA it. And then cut it out. So without further ado here's our guide to making your own twine lolly pop card. 

So we made a tutorial on how to make your own twine lollipop. These are pretty cool though you don't want to make more than two. They say 3rd time's the charm, that's not true, first worked, second failed. This is best suited for middle school kids & older, gets boring fast with the younger ones.


  • Twine
  • Paddle pop sticks
  • Card (white/cream)
  • Ribbon! Any kinda that suits.
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Craft Glue (ModPodge/PVA)


  • Ruler
  • Bottle Cap (or mini dish for the glue)
  • Compass + pencil (the blue thing ^)
  • Paint Brush (fingers are also fine)

Step 1 - There's three ways you can do this. a. Using the compass, draw a 30mm diameter circle. b. Alternatively go freestyle with the size, but do see how it looks (size comparison) with the paddle pop stick. c. No compass? Trace the outline of something with a round base that has a good size. Might find something in the bathroom.

Step 2 - Put double sided tape all over it, like in the picture. It must go outside the edges of the circle, and don't have gaps between the tape (like me) - so that there's tape everywhere.

Step 3 - Take the tape off. Tie two knots in the same area in the twine, that is your center. Stick it down in the middle of the circle. Zoom in, stick the twine down around the center, going in circles, pressing down often. The circle needs to be tight, but not so much that there's isn't room for the whole strand to be stuck down.

That is what you should have - it need to be a circle, but it's ok to see the pencil lines.

Step 4 - DIY ModPodge. Add some glue and water to your bottle cap or tiny bowl/dish to create a milky liquid. If it's more like cream it's too thick and won't spread. Using the paint brush or your finger spread it over the twine, but be careful not to use too much, you don't want to drown it. Leave to dry (we left it overnight).

Step 5 - When it's dry (the next day) cut it out. As the "ModPodge" has sealed it in, it shouldn't fall apart and should stick perfectly (twine to card). Cut out some double sided tape and stick it on the length/diameter of the back of your twine circle (if you're a skimper feel free to only attach a tiny bit to the top and the bottom of the circle, in the middle). Peel off the backing and attach your paddle pop stick.

Add a ribbon and you're done! Attach it to a card if you like - here's one we prepared earlier. (Hence two pictures with pink twine, and the rest with red.) Other ideas: you could write a cute message on the back and post it to your sweetheart, deco for a lolly buffet, kid's birthday parties, etc. Perhaps a mini version as a cupcake topper? Tell me if you do end up using this tutorial, and what you created! :)


  • Paddle pop sticks can be found at the $2+-esque Shop, Reject Shop, Target etc.
  • Twine is expensive here! (Along with most crafty materials.) I like to buy my twine from 'Whimsy Farm Twine' it's $5/100m 4 ply and postage is $8 (flat rate) so I like to buy a few at a time or share an order with Lily. My favourites would be the classic 'Rosalie' - Red & White and 'Felicity' - Bright Pink & White. Both featured in this project.
Any questions or comments?

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This is super cute!!

Will have to try it out :)

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