It's Starting to Feel Like Christmas @ Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday 9th December

A long day, as we stayed up till dawn to watch tv... Despicable Me 2. :P Early meeting, made it within the acceptable 15mins lateness. It was raining when I left till when I go to my class at 4pm-ish. 

Had lunch for one at Gyoza Douraku, I'd rather do lunch then dinner as there are lots of places that do great lunch sets but only on weekdays. We've been meaning to go here for a while since our last visit. Unlike last time I didn't get a drink that I had an allergic reaction to. 

Something I loved was one of the pieces they were playing in the background music, ave maria (1853) a wedding and funeral classic. For me it's the later, I'd love this on my funeral playlist. I've never heard a restaurant play classical music before or a piece as old and as a classic as this. 

Breadtop, new apple pastry/cake thing. Didn't get a good picture as we got attacked for taking pictures - even after I said I'm buying what I took a picture of. People cut it front of me in the line! Asians obviously. Don't like them, the old ones who act as if they're still where they came from. Later on I see an asian woman wearing a black garbage bag over her top and a white plastic bag over her head. Fortunately I do believe most people would rather get soaked than resort to that.

We stumbled upon the new ice cream place. Not going there as we're not allowed to have ice cream for at least a couple weeks (had $50 of it last week jas reminds me). Sportsgirl on Bourke always does big displays. Not sure if I'd like to be the one creating all that papercraft. Love the toy shop in the arcade with the tea rooms (somewhere I'd love to go also).     

Cards! Pretty cards this week, one with a rhinestone wreath, which I customized with my signature punched out heart. Also added red semi-circles under it. Here's the one ms cards and miss j made. 

The second one had glitter! We used big sticky tape and coated it with glitter (and this time no one snorted the glitter :P). Definitely top 5 best cards ever, I also made a 2nd one with a deer. Sending the first one to someone special (not in a creepy disturbing way). 

Home. Two boxes. Yay! Not from my SS though, one was a December competition we won, face masks as it's for skin drier than mine I'm not going to use it. Though I will try the eye mask.  The second box was of Milo samples, from Emma.


Love that blue and white paper! If only it was not xmas themed...

Too tired to get up, and ended up almost an hour late for work... Fortunately the team was fine without me. Meet two new people, girl studying science and guy doing IB at the school I went to (but the other campus). He's from the Emirates and says it's not as strict as the media makes it out to be, it's not the middle east. Bikinis on the beach are fine. The other two decided not to talk to us, I did try to be friendly to the asian girls but they looked at me and then each other and laughed... Not in a mean girls way, but in a strange "I have no idea what she just said" way. So we assumed they were internationals who spoke the minimal language to get here. Andy turned up later and said one of them of fully fluent (he knows her). Wrapped a few things, wasn't too busy as people are unorganized. Best present: Jane Austen Collection (one big book) though I'd prefer the set by Barnes & Nobel, leather edition.

Train to the library. Lost a pinwheel on the way. And by lost I mean it was ripped out of my hand by the wind, and fly too far to retrieve and the train was coming. It may have also been ran over by a car. :(   

Mail! Gosh I do love getting the mail. And I've only gotten a "your child is in lots of trouble and needs a lawyer" letter once. Things from Maybelline (Super Stay 24Hr Waterproof Powder not in my colour and a lipstick that everyone says is drying for the skin), a postcard from Stevenson (OUAT Town!) from Miss Canada and package from Miss South Africa! A surprise as I didn't expect it till January, as she's so far away. It only took two weeks.  

Library. Printed pictures, why doesn't the machine accept 5c?! I need to add 15c... Mr librarian gave me 20c for it. :) Printed just in time, right before all systems shut down. Snack, potato cake from the Dim Sim place, they do the best potato cakes. Myki top-up, auto top-up looks very tempting. It takes forever when everyone is paying via card. Meanwhile jas finds the taco place and thinks it's the wrong one as I'm not there... Eventually we got there, not every train going out south-ish stops at East Richmond.

Hortchata @ Fonda Mexican

It was loud, the food was very good. The Horchata was amazing! We must come back sometime. Deco was modern neon to match Melbourne Central's current theme. Which I honestly am not into. But for Fonda it suited them. I had tacos, jas had a big burrito. 

Afterwards we went to the 'The Owl and Pussycat' (Swan St, Tram Stop no.8) opposite Richmond Station. It next to the purple Thai stop, looks closed... that's because the shop is the stage/theatre, so you go down the side path to get there. Inside there's a bar and an old fireplace that's now made into a seating area, you can sit in there. Looks like a house from the 20s/30s/long long ago. But we're told people do live here, even though it's odd, a little dirty and Jas thinks it's got another 5yrs left.  

We saw 'Sex Diary of an Infidel'. It was interesting and MA+ rated for language. Light/sound tech guy also made adult noises. XD I got most of the story, but was a bit confused about Tony, the guy/girl. He had a pretty voice though. :) The lead, Jean had really big hair and at the end scene looked like one of those heads hairdressers practice on.


While we did sleep in and have dreams about giant black fish, productivity happened today. Not that bit where we rescheduled the dr though...Went to the library to get more books than I could carry. Bought cornflakes (for honey joys) and chocolates (not for me, mother wants them for her kids at church - she's one of those people who lists the church as a hobby and talks about it all the time). Organized my desk, first time it has been clear for months! We need more space. Sent things into storage. Ironically bought 38 bird cages, the decorative wedding styles ones. :P

I'm making a DIY Candy Bouquet.

Finished wrapping the last present for Jas, wondering if I should get him something that isn't a consumable? But this way it's not helping him start hoarding. My SS arrived today! I think there's a book/block of chocolate, something round and a 3rd thing. There's also a card. Wait, does this mean I need to send out card with presents? I was planning one for Hector, but not the others... Hector having little kids like handmade things and will say he likes it. :P

Fix the blogger issue! It was a miracle! The curse of the backspace making the page go back. This was when my mouse was in the textbox btw. Cleared all the cookies and history, and added an extension for chrome.    

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