Snail Mail Collective - November @ Wednesday, December 25, 2013

In November I was paired with Jane, an Irish girl who lives in South Africa. Which appears to be always in summer, and very very bright (google maps). While we're only an Ocean away and probably closer than we are the USA, Africa still seems like world away. As it's something we studied about, and there wasn't much positive stuff other than Cocoa Beans. But they do have lots of animals we've only seen at the zoo or on the BBC by Sir David Attenborough.

Jane has the same birthday as me! I've never met anyone with the same birthday as me, though we've met quite a few people with their birthday on Christmas. We shall send her a card! Which she'll get in January. :P 

Jane sent me a lot of stuff. I wonder what I sent her...
Top right object is a hippy-esque headband, perfect for costuming!

Interesting beaded doll brooch. This is pretty cool (handmade).
I shall put it on the display shelf! When it returns, we're going to take it places.
So at the moment it's with le beau in Fiji.

Crafty Things.

There's feathers, which are interesting - the pattern, as you can't get that here.
Lovely roses for my dollhouse, a kraft paper pompom balls, things for cards.

Fun tape! I liked this and use it to wrap some presents, with kraft paper.
Jas thought it was very cool and took a picture.

Candy that ain't going to melt!

The mini tic tac boxes are so cute! We don't have that here though I've seen them in the UK, perfect for candy bags/treat bags at kid's parties. Do they taste any different? Yes, they're sweeter and have a higher dissolving point (not as hard as the ones here). There was a really nice sherbet lollipop though I kinda ate it before I took the picture...

Most people use a coin for size scaling, I use a doll.

Arriving on the same day was a postcard from Stevenson, BC!
This is where they film Storybrooke in Once Upon a Time!
Unfortunately the clock tower is photoshopped.

Another amazing dragon by Jennifer (Miss Canada).

And this time I took a picture of what I sent her!
Though actually this was from September.

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