Snail Mail Collective - September @ Friday, December 06, 2013

In September I was paired with Jennifer, who likes nature, exploring, not taking pictures and wasn't into computer things like me. She lives in Vancouver, liked tea and has been to Steveson, the fishing town 'Storybrooke' in OUAT. She is an artist as you'll soon see.

Sent 26th Sept, received 21st Nov. 7 weeks. That's how long a letter the size of a dvd box takes to get to Australia from Canada. From AU to Canada, 2 weeks. O.O But I got it! I thought it was lost or customs had it.

First glance at the postcard. Is that a witch been burnt at the stake?! (I've been watching Dracula.) We have the title of the piece. German? Danish.

Midsummer torches at Skagen beach by PS Kroyer (1906). "Pagan custom of celebrating St.. His by burning bonfire. The fire does not look like the Midsummer bonfire, to make today as it was then stacked two to three tar barrels on top of each other and set fire to them." It's not a bunch of random people as you'd think, but people the artist knew. Here's some info on it 

Jennifer drew an amazing dragon! And she has amazing handwriting too - it's a font really. Unlike me she can write in straight line with a consistent font size - without any lines.

What she sent me, things unique to Canada. 
Maple things, coins, tea, tattoos and chaud au chocolat.

Coins. I collect coins from around the world, something I always send.

A postcard to pass on. Next stop, South Africa. 

Anyone know where I can get Citadelle's Hard Maple Candy in Melbourne? 

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