'T was the Week Before Christmas @ Monday, December 23, 2013

Monday 16th December

Books read this week instead of prescribed texts...
Mini reviews coming up soon. 

Got up just on time :P Still had time to shower though, the sun was shinning and my hair was dried before we got to class. Last cards class of the year. I shall kept the creativity alive at home though. Made honey joys last night, no pictures as we didn't have adequate lighting. They don't dry w/o an oven though. :(

Made an owl card today, it was pretty cool. More v'day though, perhaps if we gave them santa hats? Anyone notice VLC player has santa hats? Or maybe that's just the movie we watched that had that... Miss J made it so they owls were looking at each other, while mine stood perched on a branch looking straight ahead. Awkward first date? :P

Miss J made xmas pudding decorated brownies, not as dense as most. :) I'm not a brownie person, I like my sponges. Her friend Miss L wore make-up and looks great, she made these jelly carnation slices, recipe from her Grandma. Skipped the jelly, but the rest was very good. :)

Secret Santa! I got Miss J and she got me. We both got each other crafty things and something pretty. She gave me some tape (double-sided and foam), a card kit and rhinestones (or as she likes to call it 'bling').  

Ms cards gave everyone some candy and paper punchers. Got a heart and a music note one and two others, a dog/wolf and a girl. Nerds! Haven't had these since elementary school. They sold them in strawberry/grape in a combo pack, artificially coloured and flavoured.  

I forgot our anniversary... or rather friend-anniversary. Spent an hour considering what to get. Polymer clay cake? Then I realized I had a bunny brooch on my list and it was perfect. Vanilla cookie (Lucy likes cookies) with chocolate frosting and sprinkles. Won't get it in time but it's ok, no risk of her reading this and spoiling the present. She can't read, being a bunny.


Failed to get up, didn't even make it to the afternoon class. :( Read a book, just finishing the chapter turned into finishing half the book... Fun read with a couple good points. Can be summarized in a page or less.

Checked out the catering for the event, made a rough plan, but as it's Japanese food which I'm not too familiar with, I'll leave it up to the caterer to select the dishes. With a few notes, like, love, no likely. So that's the savory part done. 

Drinks: soda *sigh* not my style, but the others will like it. Ordering 16 bottles (3-5 people) of soda, including pink grapefruit. Yay! They didn't have pink lemonade. Also getting bottled water, and fruit juice. Picking up the soda and water tomorrow. 

Not my picture.

The deco is all planned or rather has been bought. It's wedding season so lots of wedding deco going on auction on ebay. Bought birdcages, pompoms and white paper lanterns. Not sure if the last will make it on time. Also 2metre signs... didn't look that big in the picture.

Finished watching OUAT. In the scene with the town people we didn't see Ruby and Pinnochio. The later is now a little boy and he's finished his story. But Ruby who was a supporting character is gone. To think of it, she wasn't actually in season 3 at all... she just kinda vanished. 

Mr Gold was killed. He has the brains so that can't be good, at least we got the blue fairy back. Everyone went home back to the forest, from season 4 trailer they got to keep their memories. Though at the end of S3 Emma & Henry got new happy ones. Also Henry wouldn't be called Henry because their story is now like what would have happened if Emma didn't give him up. It was Regina who named him. 

In the trailer Hook came to tell Emma that her family's in danger. Pre-curse where was he exactly? Somewhere between the real world where he started out, and magic land? Or does it go back to where he was in the protected part of the land where they weren't affected by the curse?


Unproductivity prevailed, but I did fold the clothes and buy all the sodas for the party. Made almond cookies and packaged them too. Sending one to one of Andy's teachers who has no idea who I am or doesn't remember me. Though you may remember the girl who pointed out that keyboard and deadly unhygienic for a baby. It was a 80s yellow/cream keys one, not Target Baby style with big bright colours.

Snacks. Love coconut water, don't believe the health benefits though.




School, late, teacher not happy. We had him as a sub once. 2hr class, they decided not to follow the timetable. But that's cool as he's setting a later starting time. He was the one who made the other girl cry, turns out she was cheating. It's not that he's mean, he's just very strict. Everyone who takes this subject is either mean, strict or looks like a witch.   

Colour Box Studio. Road block go around the block in the 40 degree heat. Bought a candle, print and two cards. Didn't have the scent I want, hoping to get an exchange from the manufacturer.

It was very hot today, 40 the max. I'd like to try that. 
Don't think it would work though? Anyone tried it?




Late to dinner, take-away from Shyun. Miso chicken was great! Look like we're getting bentos for the picnic. Their Japanese Baked Cheesecake was also great, but you do need to eat it straight from the fridge. It's $$ for what it is, but as mains are a great price, total spending is justified.

RENT, was loud. But it was good, but still I thought it was better last time. Joanna, the lawyer wore cheap clothes so that was odd. Didn't dress to be in character, cheap shirts/top that wasn't tailored/custom fit. Maureen was amazing, at one point she wore an outfit, cat dress-up. latex stockings, black strapless bra and a see through knit top, with ears/tail. Looks like something Emily would wear. Angel was great, almost pretty (drag queen). This time because he was so tall they didn't use the coffin? Benny was also great, I think I've seen him before somewhere.

Mimi had a glitter crop top that reminded me of this dress.
I'd love to get something like that in purple/blue/black.

My favourite songs are 'Another Day' and 'Seasons of Love' which I'd like to be sung at my funeral. Yes I do have a funeral playlist as well as as wedding one. :P

Meanwhile le beau's at the annual Christmas Concert, and sends me a picture of the kids in costumes. One girl has an amazing angel costume!


How early is too early to send out invites? RSVP isn't due till 2015. :P
I do quite like that design, Felicity's Emma's twin sister.

Our Christmas Centerpiece (Craft Room).

Another peak into my craft room. :P No I don't have a little sister. I like Barbie. 

Sleep... went to visit Ms C and Mr KK, but they were't there as everyone had gone to the xmas lunch function. Ms C had left long ago and moved to the Philippines. I made cookies... Mother gave a box of chocolates to the wrong person and couldn't get them back. Well that awks, she was looking for the secretary but she's been replaced, and mother had no idea who the new person was. Has a random stranger ever given you a present by accident?

Organized a pile of papers, found a set of rings to measure your ring size and took pictures for the week. Also drew back the curtains while Lucy screamed, we like being creatures of the night. Unlike le beau who is a morning person. He finishes early so we're meeting up for a dinner picnic in the gardens. Then we're going to check out the lights and displays in the city as he hasn't seen them yet.

Not my picture. Haven't seen it lit up, didn't know it did that.

Made cute little packages of Malteasers (Chocolate coated honeycomb-ish) and Jaffas (Choc-orange balls) for the kids with Lily. We're also doing cards with le beau for each kid (his kids) she not doing them for her kids as she's not a classroom teacher and sees all the kids.

Came across this lovely pre-made costume at Amazon. Looks like something Regina (OUAT) would wear! Just add a headpiece and big hair. It's around $140 though, and I wouldn't buy it till I tried it.

I'd like to go for a picnic sometime soon. Got a date when I'm out alone. Perhaps we'll go for a picnic on my own with a few books, a parasol and some cushions. Shall we ride there? No I can't ride a bicycle.

Cards for the kids (top left) for other adults (right).

A card from Cristina. My Christmas card "pile" say something about me. So far I've only gotten lots from all the shops/sites I subscribe to, so basically I've only received commercial cards. Le beau & co didn't send me cards (though that's really because we're doing the gift exchange when they get back from Fiji in late Jan). None of my friends send cards, not to me but to anyone really. I sent cards to Hector, my KK/SSs and a neighbour (who wanted one) but that was all. Next year I shall make an effort to send at least 10 cards, during the 2nd week of December. How many personal cards did you send/receive?

Le beau received 27! From the kids and other people he works with. Though his job is super social, while I'm not sure if I can be surrounded by kids all the time!  

Emma send me a free bing! We've been there though didn't take great pictures so we'll be back soon and many times perhaps, to get more pictures and do a blog review.

Opened a new perfume! My 2nd bottle, first perfume I ever finished. I  love this one, but only wear it during the week, as I might see Lily on the weekends and it's her signature scent. So it would be like wearing the same dress as her.


Finished my 'Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturizing Cream' which is great, the scent smells natural as in it isn't scented really. Love it, might buy it again. Tried Clinque's Gel (loved their lotion) the brand is made of chemicals and not so natural like Trilogy. Got some super dry skin, using Clinque, tried Natio and it isn't that much better. 

Very late to work, I was on the bed not sure what happened, but le beau forgot (?) to wake me or didn't want me to leave, even though we're having dinner together (he's going away for a month tomorrow). They're doing a Nutcracker projection at the library! Love the Nutcracker. Also went to Crown as they have that amazing ceiling and a HUGE tree! No pictures as we've all seen what happens when I take night shots.

Gifts for le beau.

Love at the Christmas products! Shame that sauce is only 30% cranberries but this is the one time you can buy it here, and it only keeps for 28 days after opening. :( If only it kept like jam. Bought some eggnog! If only we were doing xmas cake so we could get limited edition flavoured custards.

Crepes for Bunny. Aren't anywhere as good as fresh. But we do love toffee.

Found it! Now all we need is a recipe to use it in.

Found at work. 1c coin from the 80s.

If only it was Emerald or Ruby it would be Tudor Style!   

Watched 'Oz the Great and Powerful' which I really liked. Why is it that their source of power is in a gemstone and not within? Thedora has her ruby ring, Evanora her emerald necklace and Glinda her white crystal in her wand. 


The lanterns came today (new record, 2wks from China) and we organized a cupboard and found some colourful paper lanterns. Progress on party planning, we've spent $180 so far, this includes food/drinks/cake and deco.

Watched 'Sleeping Beauty' the Gothic Ballet. Love it, better the 2nd time as this time I didn't get confused and think two guys were the same, you can tell the different between the vampire king (good) and evil vampire by their wings.

What have you been up to lately? As we don't do Christmas without le beau & co it's not too busy Christmas-prep wise, but we are planning a shopping trip and b'day freebies collection on the same day. Then on the 27th we're having a trip to the city, with maybe more shopping.

Edit: Strange spacing doesn't show up when I'm writing up the post...         

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