A Lady Pirate @ Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunday 12th January

What are we wearing tomorrow? Captain Hook says eyeliner!

The pain's back since last night, and it's bad. Designed a pirate hat! Trims cost $13... alone fortunately I already had the base, feathers and other stuff. After this week (and many pictures) we'll convert it back to a sun hat.

Was going to make dips for the picnic, ingredients to cost up to $30. 3 Dips for $6 (on sale). Is there something seriously wrong when cooking costs more than buying the thing? I don't see how cooking at home is cheaper than going out (other than the part where you already have drinks bought in bulk at home), unless you use Coles $10 meal cards. But even then it's expected you have spices and stuff at home.  

Was too distracted to have dinner till 1am, made scones and had them with kumquat jam.

That necklace I bought last week, stock pictures didn't make it special.


The Hat - Got a few strange looks but it's not like I'm wearing 
a boob tube and denim underwear. :P

Missed my train, but we caught the express. :) Didn't bring any food with me as I was late. Berry Smoothie for b'fast. Taking pictures of Boost is almost like taking pictures of McD, everyone knows what it looks like, not that interesting. 

Found the ship! Though it's pretty big you can see it from between Flinders & Southern Cross in the train. It would be nice to have an event here. Not my style but it's still pretty cool.

Arriving before the other volunteers I put up the signs for the six activities, met the captain who's an amazing actor (along with First Mate) and the others.   

When a guy says "blimey" as a comment on your outfit what does it mean? Is it a good thing or bad thing? The only person I've ever heard say it was Ron Weasley. XD 

No one came in costume... but three of the staff including the captain. First mate was just as outgoing and loud as the captain (this is a good thing), and Miss Juliet looked great as she's put the most effort into her outfit. No pictures :(.

I wore a corset :P and black skirt, floor length almost. Effort: low, I already had it. Designed the hat and mother made it. The hat was the highlight. Lots of compliments from staff and a couple girls (the kids).

When the others arrived we did a tour of the activities. The first half is indoors, only one is right under the sun. My favourite activities were watching The Pirates! Band of Misfits (2012) by Aardman (Wallace & Gormit), and DIY Pirate Hat. 

It went well most of the kids were good, we only had 1-2 kids that were very loud, threaten to push each other into the water, bullied the others. Why would you want to be a teacher? I couldn't do it. 

Lunch at Pallet Espresso. We shall be back to b'fast! They don't have an online menu which is disappointing. No one's done a full blog review on it yet, so we're hoping to do that soon. Had the Karaage Burger which was very good. I still perfer to get the teriyaki chicken from 'Purple Peanuts' out front though. There was flavour, but the bun was a bit oily. Chicken was good, I think of karaage as kfc but less oily and less spices. If eating in you can get your burger deconstructed too. 

In the afternoon we had 70-ish people (one group had 2 kids and like 6 parents/family O.o) in four groups. The morning for 6 groups of 20, it was a school thing. As we had extra people (less groups)  I was asked to hang around the crafting area. Helped measure headbands, though as the parents/grandparents were there they were a great help. As the morning person left, we had glitter! She was right it is a mess when you hand it to the kids. I glitterized all the eye patches, 5 options (gold, silver, red, green and multi). My favourite is the emerald green, but silver was the most popular. Made 80+ of them. When we had time I also did hearts, swirls and crosses for them.   

Make a pirate hat! Initially cool then lame I conclude that it's cool. Trace the template onto black paper (le blanc crayon has a use!) cut it out, make a headband, stick a cat picture onto hat / draw all over it, stick it all together. 

Everyone was very pleased with the glitter eye patches :) and now we have lots for Wednesday. I love glitter and arty craft things. Won't be able to do them when recovering from surgery though. :( Will I be able to write? Type? Take pictures? *freaks out a little* Packed up, took down all most of the signs, searched for the missing one (someone else took it down). And we were done by 4pm. Looking forwards to Wednesday, though it might be canceled due to weather.

Great glue, shall buy it after I finish mine.

Wednesday & Friday were cancelled as it was too hot. :( But there's next school holidays!

More pictures of the hat.

No that isn't the same as above, different angle.

We sewed silver braiding onto the underside of the rim, and white lace on top. Made a straw hat into a tricorn, sewed on an old pearl/bronze necklace, and a crest. Trimmed some feathers and stuck that on. And clipped on a white flower and more smaller feathers on the side. As I had most of the stuff we only bought the trims which cost $13 (much more expensive than I thought), best to be buying them by the roll at the $2+ Shop.

Do feathers add height? I prefer the big white fluffy ones the French (think Marie Antoinette and The Duchess) used but they're $7+ each, and I already these feathers that I picked up for $2, thinking I'll find something to stick it on one day. 

Slushie on the way to checking out the picnic location for Saturday, exhausted we failed to get there and just went home instead. Napped till 1.30am... The piano project is definitely something we're going to check out, le beau and I.

RMIT has really interesting architecture.  

Today I was a lady pirate, tomorrow I'm Cinderella. :P

Got a reply to my request for a quote. Need to see the surgeon to get a quote and that will cost $150. Consultation only. If everyone's like that I'll try to get the success rates (w/o a consultation) or go with Helen's recommendation.

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