Love Locks on Southbank Footbridge @ Monday, January 27, 2014

Love Locks on Southbank Footbridge

There's a footbridge between Flinders and Southbank where people put up locks.

Love lock - a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Though there are also a lot of tourist ones.

I like the unique ones, lego pieces, rhinestones designed for phone cases, nail polish, expensive looking locks and keys. I do wonder if that key would open that lock... 

Fitting in reduces chance of being stolen. Also kills creativity. 

A business nearby took advantage of this trend and sell these custom locks for $10.

My Favourite

Stuck it on, before we wrote on it, left the code at home. Whoops. 

We put two locks on the bridge, cute heart ones, though they have a slight variation as he bought one and I bought the other. I got one for $2 while he paid $9 for the other O.O. We bought a few more just in case :P While he searched for the marker I stuck it on, the code he remembered didn't work, maybe it's still on default? (You can create your own code for this lock.) Hence we wrote upside down on it. 

Anyone want to take a guess at what this date means?

The Bridge

Le beau thinks this idea's interesting, while I think our lock is going to be stolen (saw a boy attempting to unlock it yesterday) that and it'll rust/be taken down. What do you think of these bridges? Will you be putting up one for your anniversary?

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