Saturday 25th January

Le beau & co are back! I came over for lunch and somehow we ended up taking a nap, with him still tired from the trip, even though they got beds in first class. It was nice being with him even though he was asleep. And no I didn't watch him sleep, I always had a book to entertain myself. :P I find watching people sleep is creepy. 

In the afternoon we went around the city to see all the pianos. At each one he played a wedding piece (not off by heart, he's not performing at our wedding :P), got recordings for him. Though he's not ok with me posting them :( So I bought around a kimmidoll with us to take pictures. :) We also played 'Cannon in D' as a duet at each piano, which I loved. <3 

Got them all except no.8 (?) on the bridge, which was the one I got pictures of the other day. We shall be back after work tomorrow. Walked all the way from Flinders to the Malthouse Theatre. Loved playing the piano in the gardens, and the carpark was pretty cool too, it had a 'Phantom of the Opera' feel to it. My favourite piano to play was the asian drama themed one on the stage at the Arts Center, near the Tram Bar but not the one closest to it. We also loved the 'Alice in Wonderland' one at the library.

We're posting this in the order we visited them and not the order in which they are chronologically ordered as that's too mainstream :P actually it's because of the lighting and shadows, through shadow angles you can tell what time it was taken, you can also tell how tall or short the person taking the shot is. 

No. 6 Flinders Street Station

The most popular piano we saw, next to a florist. Le beau bought me roses later one. <3

No. 7 "Federation Square" River Terrance

Thinking fed sq was close we went there next, lies, it's down the stairs near the stage.
This is was one of le beau's favourites, I suspect it was the lego :P, he also liked the location.

Heading towards the library and no.1 we went to the church next.

No. 5 St Paul's Cathedral

This one was interesting, the bricks aren't painted on, instead it's a fabric/material thing glued onto the piano. Lots of flags, we thought this one suited the location. I found the USA flag! Behind it is the German flag, there's lots of international kids from Germany at school. The semi-ish circles on the inside were cool.

I'd love to get some Medieval themed shots here.

Knitted Trees 

No. 4 City Square

We like this one, it's very arty. Got a great picture for Sakura. 

No. 3 The Chessboard

This one's pretty, gum tree leaves and flower/nut things. 

No. 2 Tivoli Arcade (Near Subway opposite Target).

This one was hard to find, as it wasn't actually in the arcade. What does ghost busters, pacman and pop cat  have in common? The only piano to be graffitied. Though I always thought it was ugly. Except for the cool pacman game on top.  

Green Tea Soft Serve 

No. 1 State Library

Alice in Wonderland Theme! One of my favourite pianos. 

Seems they couldn't find white roses to half paint and let it drip, 
so they used Christmas flowers instead.

This one's right up out front of the library. Some playing cards have foam backs.

Finished checking out the ones in the CBD we trammed backed to Flinders. 

No. 9 Princes Bridge

Nutcracker theme! I'd prefer a sharper style though with fine brushes.

Next we headed down the stairs. Oh wow the river is dirty...
But we spotted three thin streamline silver fish! 

No. 10 Arts Center - Riverside Terrace

Shipwreck theme? Love how the location and theme match.
Great detailing and colouring, one of the most complex ones to design/paint.
The guy after us played 'Your Song' which I liked, he said he learnt it off youtube.

And that concludes part one.

Part two coming up tomorrow.

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