The Last Friday of 2013 - City Shopping @ Saturday, January 04, 2014

Friday 27th Dec

Day two of our shopping adventures. Two years ago we had fish & chips on the lawn (beach was too sunny and far away) last year we had a plain overpriced risotto while Andy had burger & fries (the much better decision). This year we're having an Edwardian Picnic in mid-Jan.

Went to the city to buy two things, as no one does transfers on sale items and no one does holds either unless you're very lucky. Planned to get there a little before they opened but that didn't happen. A tip: cheapest place to buy bottled water is either Coles or Priceline.

We were going for an indoor picnic, it was to rain a little but that didn't happen. It was unexpectedly warm so we didn't go outside. There's an indoor garden area at Melbourne Central in lvl3 next to Saba. Nearby was Seed, there was a bunny in the window!

Lunch @ Bing Boy - Pretty n' Peking. Tastes better than it look.
Beware the sauce (it's in the bottom and drips).

The bunnies are super soft! And coming in different colours and sizes.
White, brown, pink and blue. The big ones have a stomach and are $30.

Seed sells nice stuff, if we have girls we're going to go bankrupt by my shopping. :P
The bunny in the window, I like it but I don't love it. Bottled glitter $5, cool ball $10.

Typo $2 Xmas Sale

Faux Mason Jars. Where are the real ones? Mason jars ain't cheap here.

Lush! Unfortunately the three items on the list were sold out. Candy Mountain is one of my favourites and gets redesigned every year. Along with the French Kisses they're the best. Though I haven't used the present bath bombs.

Bought one of these, still got the one from last year too...

Bourke St - Sky

Love the outfit! Though jas said I love anything bridal. Not true.

This is what I shall look like (with a big headpiece/tiara) when I come back from the dead.

A birthday offer - free churros for two! Only at QV, wished they had a Chadstone store.

It was nice outside, lots of air. Smokers have ruined outdoor dining, though we were lucky as they started when we were almost done. Most people around us ordered drinks and not churros.

Churros for Two

Dipping - White Chocolate & Caramel. 

Loved the white choc, salted caramel was meh. Next time we shall get white & milk. Not into dark chocolate. Churros dusted in cinnamon sugar! Other option was icing sugar.

Robert Gordon Cupcake Cases 25pk
One of the two things I bought today. $3.

Cookies n' Cream Cake with Fernando
He doesn't like cream. I like it but perfer the cheesecake.      

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