The Yoghurt Club - Southbank @ Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A location out of the city, well opposite the bridge, towards Crown, for the lazy tram down to Crown/Convention Center, it's near McD and before the big red steps. If you feel like a walk take the underpass at Flinders, go across the locks bridge and walk towards Crown.

Berry & Vanilla Froyo with Canned Lychee $12

It's a small little shop, with seating for two. But why would you want to sit inside when there's seats outside in the gardens along the riverbank? - Unless it's raining.

Even though the space is tiny, I like what they did. There's a little cove and on both side they have mirrored walls, which makes the space look larger. Not too sure about the wall being covered in paper ripped from spiral notebooks though.

Froyo $12 (paid $7 with a vou) can you believe 5 lychees (canned) changes the weight cost from $9 (w/o toppings) to $12?! They only had two flavours, berry and vanilla. Toppings sucks, nothing special, assorted canned fruit and cereal. Really who puts cereal on froyo? Same prices as elsewhere, inconvenient location. Don't bother. Also a marketing tip, people prefer to buy by size rather than grams. $2.60 for 100g means 26c a gram, that doesn't sound good.

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The place at Melb Central on the same level as the station has lots more toppings.  

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