Bounce Inc in Blackburn @ Friday, March 28, 2014

Bounce, a warehouse of trampolines has a new location in Blackburn, no public transport goes here. So drive, there's lots of parking.

Signing in we read the T&Cs, all common sense and no liabilities taken was the summary. We were given grip socks (you can buy them for $2) and drink cards. The cards entitled us to any drink from the fridge, wraps/sandwhiches on platters and ice cream! Yay! Though this is not one of those events were I saw "I'm here for the food".

Grip Socks, you can keep and reuse them, or buy them each time.

Upstairs is where you sign in, there's a little cafe and wooden steps to sit on and put your stuff there (they will have lockers soon). At the very top there's a cubby house which we liked, with its high ceiling in there even adults can go in. No food and drinks allowed downstairs.

Upstairs there's a place where you can get snacks, drinks, ice cream and coffee.

There's several areas, a random bounce area, high bounce (only for pros :P), hop/skip/jump into the airbag, basketball and dodgeball. We got to experience most of these areas. 

Free Jumping. 

Jas likes trampolines, I do not like heights! Had fun anyway, but like me don't forget to warm up. :P While he did some knee to chest jumps I had my arms out to keep balanced and did not bounce on anything other than my feet, while others bounced off everything. 

The last area we checked out was what I call "hop/skip/jump into the airbag" as there was a runway and then a giant airbag. I was going to jump but didn't think I could make it, ended up falling into the airbag, with my heels over my head. XD We were thinking this would be like the airbag in your car but much much softer. So much that you could get eaten by it. 

Dodgeball, jas got out fast, while I didn't do so well in the area of attack as I'm that last person to get out because they did nothing and hid in the back, eventually hoarding all the balls. :P

Shooting hoops, I can't bounce that high to get the ball in, but standing on the spot I can get it in. We saw a guy jump not on the trampoline and it was pretty high.

There's a section where you can jump off a ledge. 
On the night they had skateboarders (according to jas) perform.

Wraps & Sandwiches

Everyone who attended got a card for a free drink, wrap/sandwich (unlimited) and ice cream.

For those drive, for those who don't there's always the Glen Iris location, by the station.


Stickers, a wristband, a free ticket (incl. socks) and BOGOF w/o socks. 

We had a fun time, Lily's going with her gymnastic friends tomorrow. And le beau & Adrian are going soon after hearing my review. Though I won't be going with them as I don't do heights so well, and they would honestly have less fun with me, as they'd feel obigated to look after me. :P

I'd definately reccomend checking out Bounce Inc. if you want to relive those childhood memories of bouncing on the trampoline. Though go for the Glen Iris location by the station if you don't drive - also they have a pool of foam cubes unlike Blackburn. 

Oh and keep your socks, next time you won't have to buy them again. Like most places they have a great $12 student price, though it's only on weekdays.

Have you been to Bounce Inc.?

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