Krispy Kreme Tour! @ Sunday, March 16, 2014

Today (8th March) we went on a tour of the Krispy Kreme factory/store in Narre Warren (far far away from the city). They don't normally do tour so it was pretty cool. At this KK they have a 24hr drive-through - yes for doughnuts!

So many flavours...

... which to try first?

Filled or not?

The Easter Package

On arrival we were offered a free sample of their original glaze doughnut, warm fresh off the line! That's amazing, I've never had a one made like 5 minutes ago doughnut, as they don't make them in the city. 

This factory supplies the state with all the Krispy Kreme doughnuts. The machines only get a break from 1-5am normally and only an hour from Nov-Feb. In a day they make 13,000 for their own stores (of which there are like 5 of, 2 in the city) and 17,000 for 7 Eleven. Deliveries are made in the very early morning ready to be sold by the time the early riser gets up. If they aren't sold by the end of the day they're disposed, so they're always fresh. 

We met the manager who took us on the tour of the place, lots of pictures were taken. It turns out people package the doughnuts, thought they like fell off the conveyor belt and into the box in the same way candy does?  

The mixer on the right does the glazing. 

Humidity + low heat = yeast organisms more active without killing them. When the yeast becomes active, it eats sugar and releases carbon dioxide gas as a waste product. The carbon dioxide expands, creating air pockets all through the dough.

Doughnuts actually float in the bath as they're pushed along by the bars connected to the belt. Since the doughnuts are floating, the bath only cooks one side at a time. After the first side cooks, the doughnuts pass over a rotating arm that lifts them up and tips them over.

Before & After

After they're cooked, the conveyor belt pushes the doughnuts out of the oil onto the cooling belt - before the glazing.

Journey of One Doughnut

After glazing it goes through the cooling process, placed on a tray, sent to the next area where people package them. And then the area right at the back there are guys putting boxes together, they're really fast!

Ready to be packed into brown boxes for shipping. 

After the tour we met the floor manager and got to decorate the choc top doughnuts, by dipped them into the chocolate which has to be 40-45 degrees for the perfect consistency. She showed us how to shake off the choc, swirl and flip it over. After that we placed them on a tray of sprinkles! All their doughnuts are hand-dipped. They do 3 trays of dipping at a time and by the time they're done it has completely dried, the first tray. 

We got to take home one of the ones with sprinkles we made along with 5 original glazed ones (the best ones IMO). Does this one have too much on it?

Also got a showbag with a cap, shirt, yo-yo, silver key ring (will us this :) and a 8gb usb in the shape of their logo. After an analysis I do prefer that to a doughnut as that's an awkward shape. 

I love how they have booths, they're rare around here (other than at the pancake place).

Open since 1937 (not this location though, KK came to AU 7yrs ago).

Always open! I am so glad we live no where remotely near here.

At the drive-through they have them all ready to go.

I find the colours interesting in this picture.

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We had a great time, and if you're ever in town (or planned a day trip) you should definitely drop by for a free sample, don't forgot to get something for your beau. ;) Don't get coffee though - they don't specialize in it and it's not great here. Oh and unfortunately they don't do tour for the public, but there's a window wall where you can watch the doughnuts go by.

Blogger Sue @ suelovexx said... on March 16, 2014 at 7:11 PM  

Wow that's so cool you got to see inside the factory and how they make them! Fascinating. You often take it for granted that you can grab them in store or at 7/11 forgetting that people work hard all day and night for them to be there. Thank you for sharing!

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