Nhu Lan - Vietnamese Bread Rolls @ Saturday, March 22, 2014

Just a block away from Footscray Station is this very poplar bakery. 

A little bakery that does asian subway, but it's pre-determined what'll go in your sub and there's only 6 options. After selecting your bauguette they simply ask you if you'd like chilli or not. 

Fillings - For those who don't eat pork I assure you there is definitely cross-contamination.

We had the BBQ Chicken, watching like a hawk to make sure it is chicken, yes it is. There was a buttery-cream spread, chicken, sticks of cucumber, carrot, spring onion, parsley and dried fried onion. And all for only $4!

Not sure if I was very hungry (I was) but it was really good, definitely recommend and would get it. Edit: Had it again, it was good but not as good, but I'd still recommended. Should note that I had a piece of pork among the chicken (yes I open it up and inspect each element).

Inspecting each element.

Another day I was back for the Chicken & Onion, that was pretty good too.

As for their other offers, mainly the sweets and anything with cream I question how long that has been there. For I'm certain there's no law for them to say it has to fresh daily like with KK doughnuts.

There's also an asian desserts (?) section, in the fridge I saw creme caramel homemade and an assortment of other treats. To the left is shelving with colourful treats and snacks, like that green glutenous sandwiches (sticky rice of some sort) I love.

Service was meh. Though what put me off going here initially is the lack of lines, as in lining up as they do normally. Instead everyone just crowded around like it was a stage.

Great place if you ever feel like something like Subway but not quite. 

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Have you been to Nhu Lan (pronounced as "new land" but without the d)? 

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