International mailing times suck, though not as much as postage rates which are $30 pk if you want to send something home! I strongly believe this is to discourage friends and family from sending you things from Sephora. :P

December was the last month the 'Snail Mail Collective' a worldwide penpal program (emails and a package) was running, and that month my partner was Lauren, an American army wife who lives in New York! I have always wanted to go to NY, it sounds amazing. You can check out Lauren's blog here.

That handwriting could be a font (there are programs :P).

Here's what Lauren sent me.

Candy & Cookies! We don't have Jello & Mint M&Ms here at all.
Butterfingers I quite like, which fortunately the Reject Shop stocks.
Surprisingly mini oreos taste the same as here (made in Spain here).
Saving the jello cook n' serve pudding for a special occasion in April. :P 

A lovely notebook. I do love stationary, and collect notebooks.
What do you do with your notebooks that are too pretty to be filled with everyday things?

L.A. Colors - They don't sell this here. It's got a lovely glossy finish that feels matte.
Like no other I've tried. Have you seen LA Colors around?

I know you're curious what I sent Lauren, so here's a picture. Taken during a heatwave, hence no natural lighting. They were also melted from just being out of the fridge! But they will taste the same. Sent her some Australian candy and my favourites (anything coconut, and mint Tim Tams), as well as ANZAC cookies, teas, postcards and some other edibles.   

Anonymous Anonymous said... on March 11, 2014 at 10:36 AM  

Ooh what a great idea! I love the USA/Aussie hauls!

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