The Mini Amazing Race @ Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Saturday 15th March

Ever wanted to do the amazing race? Le beau, Lily and Adrian said no. Jas said yes - which he often does. :) So off we went to the starting point inconveniently located near the new Hilton (near the DFO) with no public transport (due to location and the car racing even on only this weekend). Can you believe we've done date/timing analysis and it didn't occur to me at the time to check clashing events?

Last team to check in, got the bibs and clue sheet. 12 challenges, 3 categories. We mapped out the locations and route. Off to the Docklands where we completed 3. Look for the cow in the tree, numbers (there were serveal, gotta lean to read :P) and a challenge to find matching pictures. 

Next stop Flagstaff, due to the Grand Prix trams are not running normally, eventually we got to Batman park instead, did some face painting, on Jas :P. Tis was messy as I didn't realize the colours were scattered around and used only what was close at first. 

After that we went Banana Alley to do a kick boxing session. It was disgusting (totally my personal opinion) and smelt, and that was just outside. Jas says that's what the boys areas normal smell like! Oh wow boys really are disgusting and have coodies! Inside it was scary. We put on boxer gloves which was wet with sweat! It was disgusting! As I'm a fragile little princess (le beau's words :P) we didn't get the most out of the session. Jas found it hilarious that I was so grossed out. 

I believe this is what an orgy would be like - but instead of the sweat (not mine - my hands don't sweat, well rarely and not that much - got very dry hands) being just on my hands it would be everywhere.

Right after the session I went to wash my arms, and so did the other girls. So it's not OCD it is actually really really really gross! One girl said they should have gave out cotton gloves, I'd go for latex.

Running out of time, time to head back - to a mythical land far far away with no public transport. Ain't going to happen. Calling it quits. I did not have a good time, regret not going to Flagstaff instead. Bad decision.

Back to the office, a wonderful indoor place with comfortable seats. Washed my arms again. Looked up places for a late lunch and we decided to go to 'Shanghai Street Dumplings' cause I've always wanted to go but didn't want to line up (it's always busy during lunch/dinner). 

Met up with le beau for a concert in the salon, it was good, but I was really tired and may of have fallen asleep a few time...

Afterwards we went for a walk in the rain (hence the crazy blurry/wet picture), and he offered me his coat as I didn't bring one (it was 30 degrees that day) and I didn't ask, he just put it on me. Pretty sure he's the one. :) Love walking in the rain, holding hands (we both had umbrellas). As we got to the station at 7.20 it started raining very hard out there, perfect weather for hot chocolate and baking cookies. 

Anonymous Anonymous said... on March 26, 2014 at 2:10 PM  

Oooh sounds like a whole lot of fun. I miss Melbourne. Mostly DFO South Wharf.

Sounds like your man is a keeper ;)

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