eBay Finds - Statement Necklaces @ Sunday, April 27, 2014

I love ebay, there's so much you can get there a lot cheaper than in-stores here. My latest orders include: corsets (though they don't sell skirts ever), ziplock bags (for jewelry), gothic choker necklaces (all under $2, tip: if you don't have a long neck this doesn't look good on you), gloves (short/long, satin/lace), another heart shape lock (last one was stolen), cheap pretty shirts, and berets. That's over the past few months. 

One huge tip - buy your wedding stuff on ebay! Tiaras, gloves, veils (add crystals yourself), ties and all the little things. Also buy locally during wedding session, I got 38 birdcages for $10.

While eBay's great, do take into account that shipping takes around a month, so plan ahead. It's like I say only last minute shoppers (or the lazy) buy from Dymocks, everyone buys from Book Depositry, which is significantly cheaper and comes with free shipping. 

Talking of free shipping as I'm in the city picking up stuff in stores is free, a great idea is to call to check stock and reserve. Statement necklaces seem like a thing at the moment, they look great on Emily or anyone who has a monochrome wardrobe, a wardrobe of basics as a stylist would say. So without further ado here's my best statement necklace finds, things I like are pretty/interesting, even if it's not my style. :P

I do like this necklace *click to enlarge* from Lovisa, was $30 what a rip off. Now only $15.
The name is the description, think someone made a mistake there. :P

Hot Fashion 7 Big Flowers Ribbon Gem Petals Charming Bib Collar Necklace
On ebay it's only $3-ish shipped. And it also comes in a sorta yellow if that's your thing. 

Ribbon Weave Necklace $70 from Shag Shop

This is the biggest mark up I've ever seen on a necklace! 
Most necklaces are less than $7 on eBay.

You could pay $70 for this piece, or pay only $4 on eBay.

Girl's Women's Alloy Bubble Bib Party Colorful Weave Ribbon Necklace Collar 

So I didn't find the orange one (though I'm certain it's there if I put 'orange' in the search) but I found it in blue, purple, sea greens, black, pink and multicoloured.  

ebay has the oddest names, but if it's a statement necklace you're after just put in "bib/collar necklace", also the pearl collars don't have the word 'pearl' in them. :P So you'll have to search around a bit.

P.S. With this one I'm certain that there's one cheaper out there. Why? Because this necklace has been around for a while and often the cheapest one has had hundreds of buyers, as you'll see with some other necklaces.

New Geometric Deco Triangle Modern Bib Collar Choker Chain Dress Necklace
Black in a different link below, this one also comes in a bright robin's egg.

1. US $1.50 from lvyumin2013 
H212 New Hot Sell Black Enamel Triangle Pendant Bib Collar Choker Necklace
For those who likes triangles, and Pythagoras (in another life, I'd be a teacher). 

2. US $1.49 from cafase88
Fashion Personalized Black Geometric Shape Choker Disposition Bib Necklace Women
A copy of House of Harlow's Black Resin Necklace, there's a cheaper one out there by the way.

3. US $1.74 from zengsellers2013 
Blue Acrylic Resin Beads Triangle Link Chain Cluster Bib Collar Pendant Necklace

Vintage Women Jewelry Necklace Chain Statement Bubble Bib Chunky Collar Party

The first thread plastic bead necklace/earring sets are only $1 each! 1,836 sold. I'm buying three even if I don't wear it I can take it apart and use it as supplies. Quite like the pink and almost-Tiffany blue. Black I can use as a base.

P.S. Out of stock at the moment, could be a cheating listing technique, group listing. Say a bridal listing you think it's for the dress (auction) but in fact it's for the gloves or something completely inferior. They should make it all group listed items are the same price. 

1. US $1.89 from 44happigo
Fashion lady multi mint crystal Earring bib statement bubble necklace Set

2. US $1.69 from rainway87
Women New Fashion Noble Chunky Shiny Pendant Chain Charm Bib Necklace 
Goes with those ID tag chunky bracelets.

3. US $1.77 from b2company
Punk Enamel Moon Necklace Metal Crew Drip Crescent Bib Collar Statement Chokers
Nothing remotely "punk" looking about these collar necklaces, they're almost pastel!

4. US $0.99 from ebanlan
New Fashion Retro Bronze Metal Leaves Pattern Choker Bib Collar Necklace

Remember how I said the lowest price with attach hundreds of buyers? This one is a great example at $1 it's the lowest you can get, 1,631 sold. 

Carved Hollow Gun Black Bohemia Leaf Statement Bib Necklace Multi-Layer Pendant

1. US $1.61 from eideahome 
Navy Sailor Golden Rudder Women Bubble Bib Party Statement Necklace 
This ones isn't a statement/bib necklace, it's more of a big pendent. Perfect for those who love a nautical/sailor theme.

2. US $1.63 from eideahome
Navy Sailor Golden Anchor Women Bubble Bib Party Statement Necklace

3. US $2.00 from wish-you-good-luck
European Style Exquisite Jewelry Crystal Exaggerated Spikes Bib Necklace
This one looks more of a 'glamour punk' style. Interesting vendor name, suggests you mightn't get your parcel? Wishing you luck on receiving it?


US $1.84 from shcfstore
Hollow Metal Flower Arabesquitic Choker Bib False Collar Necklace
Why is it false? No filigree in description. This one's perfect for winter, an overlay over higher necklines than in summer.

US $2.82 from fashion-girls88
Occident Alloy Five Flower Bubble Bib Choker Statement Women's Necklace 
I've seen this one at Ally Fashions for $15. Marc Jacob's Daisy inspired, Lily has it in white. The white and gold one is perfect as the colour combo makes it look expensive or rather gives an expensive feel to it, while the more fun colours, particularly the orange, makes it look cheap.  

Are you buying anything above? We're getting the filigree collar necklace and ribbon weave.

Is there anything you'd like me to do a post on, on the topic of eBay? Wedding accessories? Brooches? Tudor-style pieces maybe? I'd love to do rings, but unlike at Colette/Lovisa they only come in one size rather than three.

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