Unleash Creative - Part 2

Lunch is served, in individual lunch boxes! From Miss Jackson. I love this because it's easy to serve and no one misses out on anything. Boxes were labeled tomato, spinach/feta and something I forgot. They all have the same things, just different tarts. 

Inside was a sweet beetroot relish, I have no idea what it's called, some veggies, cucumber maybe? Quinoa, which I didn't like with pumpkin and other things, and the tart which was quite nice. Salty breadsticks. Emma had the tomato which she liked, quinoa not so much.  

We met Kitty, who did events too, though she didn't study it, she does parties for the Block and work in tv, which sounds amazing. She also was an interior designer though says jobs aren't as fun as you think, and everyone wants their walls painted in 'mushroom'. 

After lunch had our third activity with Allira of Freckles & Ginger (who is very tall!). She has a Dalmatian called Freckles. We made a working felt woodland cuckoo clock, or rather part of one (time restraints) and got to take materials home to complete it. 

Working with felt we cut of a giant acorn and squirrels, did some stitch (which I like, haven't done it since middle school, home eco), created a latices for the acorn and glued it all down. I think the glue gun would be a better idea. Allira then stuck through the hands and motor for the clock. She was lovely, she had a very sweet, very unique, calm and friendly aurora about her. 

Yes I will actually finish this!

Afternoon tea, chamomile cupcakes, mini tarts and mango/tapioca. The last was interesting. This time I got pictures! But still didn't get a tart as I was still working on the clock. Something I was reminded of today: girls are fast, at everything. Boys aren't like that really.

My 4th bottle today, clear apple juice is still my favourite. :P Love how it fits the theme! 

Our last activity was creating a framable layered silhouette paper cut with Emma van Leest who has over 11yrs of experience. I was very interested in this as it's something completely new that I've seen but never really intended to try at home by myself. 

Using a blade and cutting mat (magical self-healing placemat, so you don't destroy the desk) you'd cut out shapes after drawing them. It was hard! Even for straight lines. But I am glad I tried it. :) Home time! By the end I was a bit tired from frustrations with cutting paper with a knife - I love my scissors. Off to dinner with le beau and then a comedy show.

We shall visit ikea to get a frame for it! After I add glitter. ;)

We do love showbags (my preferred term for them) which we received as we were leaving, along with a fun cloud coat hanger (I got Tiffany blue). 

Not sure what to display on it yet, suggestions? What's with the grey? Doesn't show up normally in view or edit mode...

Inside the show bags.

Overall we had a good time, though I feel as though it would be more fun if my friends (+ Emma :P) were there - in the same group that is. Lily wanted to go but didn't end up going because even though it says it's an affordable price, tickets are $190-$240 and I personally spend less than that on food for a week (incl. going out). Unless you actually make money you probably are unlike to be able to go, that or you got a very generous gift.

Thanks to the lovely Magdalena and all our mentors!
(Not my Picture.)   

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This event is traveling up the east coast and will be in Sydney next, each city will have different creative mentors who will bring a different art to share. I heard Sydney's workshop gets a calligrapher!

Do you do crafternoons or work in a creative field?

The most hands on crafty thing I've done for work is design stationary. :P
Oh and there was that time when I got to work with lots of glitter!

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