SugarHit (May) - Bollywood @ Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Friday 2nd May

I don't feel safe walking down alley/lane ways at night, when it is dark, but on this occasion I did, and so we walked briskly down to Guildford Lane (enter via Lt Lonsdale) and arriving around 7.10pm there was a line outside Krimper Cafe, our venue for the night. 

Fortunately jas had arrived a little before me (though was told it's a 20min wait) but we were there in line for less than 10mins. Whoever planned this event is a genuis. They reviewed it last time, and taken advantagges of oppoutunities as well as improved the layout/lines. Also they handed out menus at the door, great idea. 

This picture was taken when we were leaving, hence there's almost no one here. 

People do not like waiting in long lines. Just like once they once didn't like lifts, but then someone added mirrors, oh look what's that pretty shiny thing?  The way the line curves around the venue is great, as it's like a journey and along the way there are stalls (photobooth, orchids, candles, popcorn and some home deco). The destination was the counter at the back where they sold all the desserts. 


As you enter the line (that takes up half the space) there's lines on the ground in fluro tape which indicate the line. First stop is to the savory counter, drinks and pick-up for savory. 

From Krimper jas had the 'Vegetarian samosa & spring rolls (4 per serve)' which I didn't take a picture of, as I believe it looks exactly like the one from the freezer at Coles. 

Hot Chocolates

Krimper - Cranberry, berries, mint, lychee & rosewater $6

Next was drinks, last time I regreted not getting the Lychee Slam, this time I throughly analyzed and decided not to get a drink, as my experience of drink flowers has not gone well, that and I use a rosewater mist spray on my face. But the drink in a bag did sound nice, and jas enjoyed it.

I was tempted to get Mork's Frozen milk chocolate, sweet lime & yogurt ice cream $6, though it wasn't a good idea as I was already going to get ice cream. :P 

Photobooth, last time it was free, as it was uploaded to fb, not printed.
I love the idea, but unfortunately I'm not a photo person.

We were inline for a while but weren't in a rush so it was fine. Orchid branches were sold for $2 ($3 at Flinders) and they sold bindi forehead stickers. Candles, unknown small brand. Popcorn samples, I like mine sweet so shall give these a miss. 

At last we got to the counter and they were efficient. One girl took orders and had them to the guy giving out the orders to the kitchen and customers. Jas and I had decided to get two things each, though didn't feel a need to get everything on the menu. :P 

The Menu

#LuxBitexN2 $10

Warm baba, citrus syrup, sweet neem leaves custard, saffron honey gelato by N2, 
raisin, Mukhwas, and yourself (because we need you to be part of this dessert)

As the line was long we ordered everything at the same time. First was the collaborative dessert. It was great! We both agreed it was the best of the four things we tried. In basic terms there was three conponents, a light oily(?) cake (baba), whipped cream and ice cream. The ice cream was delicious and had elememts/flavours that reminded me of fruit cake - in a good way. We wished this dessert was bigger as for $10 it's expensive. 

Tea Orgy Gelato $8

Darjeeling Milk Tea Gelato with Ceylon Shortbread, 
Whipped Assam Tea Cream & an Orange Pekoe Tea Caramel Syringe

Jas decided to get gelato though being a tea enthusiast he picked the 'Tea Orgy' which had a syringe in it. "It was nice, lots of tea flavour, although I would have liked a more variation in the teas they used in each element, as they stated that the tea in each element was from a different source." - Jas


Mango Sorbet, Toasted Coconut Threads, Meringue Shards, 
Tamarind & a Torched Meringue Swirl 

I had the Bombay, it was very refreshing and I enjoyed it. Though I still feel as though most of it went together excpt the meringue which was just placed on top rather than incoporated. There could have been a better topping, something like whipped cream/custard with lemon curd. I'd recommend this gelato, though only if you like mango, and it's not a strong recommendation.  

Tube $9

Orange blossom panna cotta, mint compressed cucumber, 
watermelon yoghurt mousse, pistachio crumble, jasmine macaron 

Jas had the tube, which I really wanted and would have gotten myself, if I wasn't allergic to one of the ingredients. He says it was disappointing, though panna cotta and macaron was great. There were chunks of cucumber that didn't go with the desert at all and he couldn't taste the mint at all. That is dissapointing as it sounds so amazing. 

Meanwhile in the back music played from speakers, and there was a DJ in an Indian outfit. Last time they had a band. We were slightly disspointed by the lack of dancing snake in a rope basket. :P After dessert there was a performance, a dance. Oh wow I love all the sparkles! That's what I love about Indian dances/weddings, it's so bright and colourful! I'd love to go to an Indian wedding at least once, that would be amazing. 

Overall we had fun at the event, and will be coming to the next K-Pop themed one, depending if the menu sound good. It was a good event though I'd only go if you were in town, not something you must try. Also I wouldn't recommend getting the fast pass for $10, we got there around 7pm and it was just a short wait.

I do have one recommendation for the organizer - it would be great if you could have prices on the website, that way we know how much cash to bring!

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