Monday 19th May

A sick day, last night I was very ill, migraine, stomach ache, throwing up I hate that feeling when you know it's going to happen but not know exactly when. The dr says this is the result of drinking before noon (I had like a couple sips..) and consuming way too much sugar.

The goods news is that I got an invitation (not through the blog, I'll always tell you when that happens) to the opening night at the St Kilda Film Festival, which I wasn't chosen to work at (yes they choose volunteers) which is totally cool as I'm working an other festival right after it. This also means we won't be going to the shopping festival at Melbourne Central, (well we'll just do a quick stop at the Body Shop).

The dr (my BIL) predicted my death will be caused by sugar, as we're doing morning tea (more social than food fortunately) tomorrow as well as a baking masterclass! I thought we were just invited to eat stuff, compare and write about it. We tend to read the briefing notes closer to the event then as soon as we get it. :P For that later event I'm delighted to say it was through the blog. :)

Mail. Costume jewelry? Shall see how it fares on our next pirate day. 


A long day, with so much work I don't think I slept last night! We met someone new on the train! She works at the new ramen place in China Town, and is a make-up artist. And I was doing my make-up on the train.

Lovely stationary! I'm working on my designing skills.

With the Australia's biggest morning tea event happening this week, as a fundraiser for the Cancer Council we had a morning tea, with cupcakes, rum-less balls and cookies (homemade but looked amazing and all so uniformed I thought they were store bought by White Wings). We did meet someone new, another hobby photographer.

Also came across the school magazine where three of my pictures are featured, the cheesecake picture was taken in the wrong format hence the tiny picture. But I love that picture!

Saw mrs IT (who's great at what she does) who looked completely different, I recognized her voice but not her, and you think I would cause her signature prop is a walking stick. She looks amazing, so different when she makes an effort (presentations week, though she's marking not presenting). We think she was slightly just slightly offended by how different she looked from her normal causual look. 

Also saw mr IT (not related to mrs IT, they're just both in IT), tried to leave a cupcake on his desk w/o him seeing me, but he had great hearing and heard me. Though I probably would have tripped over something on my way out. :P Mini discussion about careers and things due. He's so nice, and one of those rare people who always stops to say hi and chat.  

To the library! Some work was done, but mainly napping. I'm highly sensitive to light like a vampire, sunglasses to me look like normal lighting. Got help going through my career report, where I used 1,200/600 words for one section. Thought I was fine but it turns out I was struggling to read the question, fortunately Frankie was a great help. :) 

Saw mr events on the way out (to sign some stuff) he was wearing the same blue shirt as last week (his signature shirt) I'm certain it's clean though. Someone left him a note saying hi and something else with a smiley face in pencil on a corner ripped out of a notebook. Wasn't me but he thought it was. :P I carry around mini sticky notes in the shapes of stars and apples. And I don't rip, I cut. 

To the city! Where the real adventure begins. Stopped by Lovisa and found a lovely tiara, might be perfect for the gown. But at $25 we're going to look on ebay. 

Nativa & Cupcake Central


I had ever intention of getting to class today, I remember seeing the clock a bit after 10am. And suddenly it was 5pm! In the mail we got tickets for the opening night of the St Kilda Film Festival, won a competition an additional surprise was tickets the invite only after party!

Online we won a dvd and 3 months worth of bathroom products, and a cool wooden necklace and silver glitter earrings. The first by skill, the later by chance. But I don't count winnings till they arrive, as we're still waiting on AH (April) and Head & Shoulders (Jan/Feb).


Mad Mex - Soft Tacos $10

Another day that failed, I failed to go to shopping in the morning, have lunch at Huxtaburger and get to class. :( The day started with dinner at Mad Mex, soft tacos with slightly burnt chicken and tacos that tasted floury. For $10 that was one $$ snack. Better to get tacos or the nakid burrito.

We went to the 'St Kilda Film Festival - Opening Night 2014' and the After Party.
Ate four scoops of ice cream - great idea at the time, not so much afterwards.

Meanwhile Jas went shopping and bought that $$ blue necklace I like.
$30, but $23 with 25% off on VIP Day. 


The final report for Friday's subject is due! Don't think I contributed enough... Late to class as the bus was very late so I thought I missed it, walked to the tram and the bus zooms by. Tram leaves 10mins+ later.

In between (as I got there early) we finally stopped by 'Duchess' they're another 'Imagination'  like store that sells overpriced  women's clothing, accessories. Oh and toys lots of them, those cute anime merchandise, character slippers and dvds in asian languages I can't identify. They're closing down at this location and have $1.50 earrings, 50c dvds (per disk) I saw Toroto, cute glass bottles and cheap flimsy clothing, all for summer. 

There's huge boxes of bag attachment sized toys, and a strawberry backpack for $5 (that fits nothing), lot of Japanese-sy stuff. I found some 'My Neighbour Toroto' plushies! Lots of dust motes, something I thought was a tooth XD with a butt (Toroto's smallest white follower) and a couple Torotos. Also found three fruit cute little coin purses for your toddler. We love the apple and strawberry, but not orange. Everything in the box was $1 each.


Considering getting this pendent, but only if it's $4 (which I doubt it). 

Fast forward to after class, crashed at the library for a bit, felt very sick like I was going to throw up. Took a nap, then went back to the city, dinner for one at Sea Salt, as I was craving fish. 

Sea Salt Burger w Chips & Soda $10 

I love the way they serve it, with the chips in a little novelty deep fryer and with a chopping board as the tray. The chips were perfect, thick and chunky but not at all oily, no salt so you can add how much you like. The burger was also pretty good, I didn't like the salad as it tasted odd (like last time) but the fish was great. One day we shall have fish & chips on the beach! Like but didn't love it, recommend? Meh. Service was lovely though. :) 

Today's mail was a Nutella Spreader, skull necklace that's going back on ebay or costume room, and an invitation to a blogger event at the Food & Wine Expo! :) We have tickets already, are you going? Oh wow I just checked out ticket prices $28 for concession! Wasn't like $20 for concession (students) last year?


"A reputation for Moral Fortitude is essential for any decent Family. Accordingly, the Master and Mistress should ensure chaperones are always present in meetings of all adult unmarried members of the opposite sex. Failure to adhere to this would reflect very poorly on yourself and the entire Household." - Manor House

Dinner. I do struggle with unplanned cooking. This tasted like chewy cardboard.

High Society. I've never seen Grace Kelly (oh wow she's tall!) or Frank Sinatra before.

When (and if) I grow up and have my own place I'm going to buy butter and full cream milk! Doesn't that sounds amazing? It's because we don't buy those things, and everything is low/no-fat or not bought at all. We tried freezer cooking once, I ended up eating b'fast burritos (salsa, hash brown, sausages in a wrap) for a week. Never again will we cook in bulk, because unlike normal people who do freezer cooking who have it like once a week for five weeks, it well just doesn't happen. 

Toroto is a a spirit of the forest,  a mixture of several animals: tanukis (the Japanese version of raccoons), cats (the pointed ears and the facial expressions), and owls (the chevron markings on their chests and the "ooo"-ing sound they make with their ocarinas at night).

Blue one that holds the sack is Chu Totoro  & Little white one is Chibi Totoro. 
They are smaller versions of Totoro and are also guardians of the forest.


Today I wanted to go the craft market, and yesterday it was the 'One Fine Day' wedding expo, neither happened. I also wanted to see le beau but he and his friends were going to a BBQ event. The good news is that I finished the second last report on behaviour analysis!

I'd love to travel one day.

Was going to cover an event at a nightclub but was too tired, that and it was pretty complicated. They charge for cloaking - this is on top of entry. And there's a chance they wouldn't let me in, even if I'm just there to cover the event and not really participate, more observing. We passed out in a coma from the past week.

Made 'Whoopie Pies' which ideally is a cupcake but with the frosting in the middle. Very easy to make. The sponge was amazing, I haven't had sponge cake for a while. The filling with egg white based, and was gross. Looks like meringue before you bake it in colour. Ideally I would have used a plain pipe for the sponge to get perfect circles (also draw them on the underside) and pipe the filling too - if I wasn't going to roll it in sprinkles. I enjoyed making them. :) 

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