Cake Fail - Great Cream Though! @ Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sunday 8th June

Productivity! We took pictures of two white dresses and a couple other dresses for ebay next week. The week later we forget to upload one of them... 

Strawberry & Rosewater Sponge Cake

The afternoon we spent making cake, after a short trip to Coles. Natvia Baking Pack 700g is $20! Oh wow that's $$$. Fortunately we were there for rosewater which was only $1.15 per 50ml bottle, which was less than Jas thought, while I had no idea.

Marinating those strawberries or are we making mocktails? :P 

Sponge cake failed because the batter deflated in the folding the flour in part, I am not particularly gentle, and am more suited to cauldron stiring. We beat the eggs till it tripled in size, then added flour and it deflated. Mrs Jas (jas's mother) says it was because we were missing a raising agent like baking powder or SR flour. The recipe was by Nancy Ho (Great Australian Bake Off) .

But on the upside the cream (whipped) with rosewater was great, along with the delicious strawberries marinated in rosewater and Natvia. In the cream it tasted just like sugar, though it might be because of the rosewater dominating the flavours.

So dense... I don't like brownies. 

If it had worked out it was to be a 3 layer cake with cream between each layer.

Do you have any tips to get the perfect sponge?

Blogger Kacie said... on June 22, 2014 at 6:45 AM  

I don't like making sponge cake at all.

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