St Kilda Film Festival - Opening Night 2014

I've never been to the Palais Theatre before, only seen it and it appears to be very tall. Like Hamer Hall, except you can see the entire building from the outside and half of it isn't underground, more like possibly in the side of a hill (it was dark).

Took the tram to St Kilda, Palais Theatre. One of us was late and called me for direction about five times... I miss le beau, it's a shame he lives far far away for work so never joins me for weekday adventures.

I won the tickets by the way. ;) It's how I get into lots of events, lately I've been going to more fun events and working less. Finished my required hours long ago, hence I get to pick the events I work at.

Free ice cream from Movenpick! I had the Vanilla and Pannacotta, the later was dissapointing, but Vanilla was perfect! I think Emily had the wildberry and something else. She doesn't eat or talk very much, like Lucy.

St Kilda Film Festival - Opening Night 2014

We sat in the longue area which is pretty much the circle-ish area at Hammer Hall. Great view. An hour of speeches before the actual films started. I liked the first film, 'Almost' where two people meet each other, possibly 'the one' but he dies after driving her to the airport. Is that a spolier? 'Video Dating Tape of Desmondo Ray' was the only cartoony one and it was funny. 'A Writer and Three Script Editors Walk Into a Bar' was great XD. 'Possum' Emily liked while I thoughht was weird, it had a possum used as a symbol.

More ice cream! I had choc mint (love it!) and caramel which was nice too. Emily ate half of hers (both times) and threw out the rest and encouraged me to do the same. I believe she's only saying that cause she didn't pay for it. She could have gotten a small cup or one scoop instead, but no. 

The Par-lay(is) Theatre

Got lost on the trams, and finally got to the town hall where the after party was being held.
Direction from and to would have been great. 

There was two free drinks per person (beer/wine), breads and dips and hot canapes going around. It was quite loud and crowded. Bar tables and no seats. We were here for pictures. I'm not a party person. 

Turns out it was one scoop per person, whoops. 

Not sure if I've been to the opening night for something else, surely I have? But we had fun, well I did, people around me don't talk much, is it because I'm American and once again used up the group's word count? No one voices their opinion unless asked, we need to find more opinionated people. 

I like the idea of watching a few short films as oppose to one, because then if you don't like it you're pretty much forced to stay (by your partner), that and it seems more fun. Also I've never been to a film festival before!

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