The Stables @ Como House @ Friday, June 27, 2014

Como House on a Winter's Day

Huge Trees

The House looks a bit Southern to me.

Where does this path lead? We love hedges for adventures!

The path doesn't lead to the stables. :P

Around the side is where they grow their herbs, and there's hens!


The Setting

Unlike most places, The Stables has a menu of their cakes online.
To me that 'Mad Men-esque' picture doesn't fit in with the rustic theme.

Scones - Lamingtons - Rosewater & Pistachio Tea Cake 

The only cake that's light and spongy at the moment is the lamington, though I do hope they add more things. There was a rosewater & pistachio teacake that sounds great, but it was dense and butter based. 

Eggs Locally Laid.

Not being a brunch person I have yet to ever order eggs.

Being a weekday it was nice and quiet, and I got a great seat and lighting.

Sadly some of the flowers were dying. Ref to instagram.

Wine? This looks like a great place for brunch with friends.

Meatball, Smoked Scamorza & Spinach Puadini' $13

I had an idea of what I wanted to get though wasn't certain, a lovely waitress recommended this which was delicious! We've got to figure out how to make this, hence I have more pictures to better indicate what it is, because from the picture above jas & le beau can't really tell what it is.

- Pictures - 

Service was great, from the lovely girl behind the counter and friendly asian guy (sorry I didn't ask what your names where, I'm a tiny little bit shy...). I'm going to say service depends on who you get though, and perhaps how busy they are. 

On the weekends this place is very popular, they have a waiting area outside. Weekdays they take bookings though not weekends. Definately going to reccomend this place for brunch! But on a weekday.

I think we took the wrong exit, whoops. We'll be back when they allow photos inside the house, though won't be rushing back soon, as I'm not a brunch person and everyone (except me and sometimes Lily) works weekdays and can only do weekends, which require waiting for a table.

But I do definitely recommend it if you love to go out for brunch at unique venues, like the converted stables here at Como House and Mart 130 which used to be a tram stop.

Have you been to 'The Stables at Como' or any unique dinning places?

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