Mirrors, Stars and Rainbows @ Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Monday 23rd June

A sick day, wouldn't it be ironic if I end up with skin cancer? Got burnt by sunscreen, and missed a conference. Went dancing. A bit of work to do, forms and choosing subjects. You can only choose from the list and mine isn't there. Also most of my subjects aren't running! And there are things I want to learn like hands-on marketing + social media, that they don't offer! 


Finished getting market pictures from Sunday! There's a lot of them. 

Went to see the Callaway Sisters's show, 'Sibling Revelry' as a part of the 'American Songbook Festival'. They were amazing! A few pieces they did were: Maria (West Side Story) and Chicago in a mix-up and Don't Rain on My Parade. Though the ultimate piece (to me) sung by Ann was the theme to the TV series The Nanny which Ann both composed and sung! 

These amazing ladies came all the way from NYC to going us tonight, that's a 25hr flight! Growing up in a musical house in Chicago the sisters moved to NY in 1979 to find their calling. Liz became a singing waitress while Ann sung at bars. Ann receiving a Tony Award nomination and fourteen MAC Awards! Meanwhile her sister Liz is a Broadway star, who also does singing voices of many female characters in animated films, like Anya/Anastasia in Anastasia (one of my favourite films)! 

Was going to carry a tiny (IMO, it fits a few books and water) bag but one last thing (my juice box) didn't fit so I switched to my new 'Saquito' bag which is made of PVC plastic like my DJ bag, which died (the straps) from wear and tear. We're hoping this bag lasts longer. This one is designed to be used in addition to your normal work(hand)bag. I have the Strawberry Smoothie one (black with pink print) which was $40. Though I received it at an event to review. :)  


Sweet As has some Lindt bars for $1 because they're expiring end of July 2014! 


Today was super busy. Dr, OW to scan, home to email. I'm not as persuasive over chat as I am in real life sadly. It'll take 1-2 weeks to process my subjects. And by then all the spots will be taken (one subject only takes 20). That's from the 3 subjects/10 that I need, most aren't running. If I don't get my subjects I'll have to take time off or transfer. Rushed off to work and then met Lily for cake. They sold out of durian (like 10mins before I got there!) so next time I'm putting a hold on that. We had rainbow cake! It wasn't dry, it was fine, but it would have been perfect served with a dollop of Chantilly cream. 

In other news I got offered a job! No not from the place I've been volunteering at for the past two weeks. So many forms to fill out and another police check, so we're taking Tues off to do all this. Le beau's on holidays (as am I, but I'm super busy) so he's helping out and going to be around for the next few weeks. :)

What was your first job? And what did you buy with your first pay check? 


African Town Walking Tour


Back to the city, bought a notebook, tried on some beautiful shoes because they were beautiful though they don't fit (I have flat and wide feet, no Cinderella feet here) and got a perfume sample. Napped on the train, coffee doesn't work for me unless there's shots in it. 

'The Fault in Our Stars' 

Tonight's adventure was to the movies with le beau, we saw 'The Fault in Our Stars' again for me, and it was still beautiful. Though shorter than I recall. Love the restaurant deco, how they first met and  Augustus Waters in a suit! 


Bridal Show, just like last year but with more photobooths. 

Yesterday we worked at the Bridal show, while it was easy (like most of my jobs) it was exhausting. Most people work in retail/food throughout college, not me though because I can't stand for long or lift anything.

6hrs of greeting people and selling magazines. Did explore (and miss the train) and then passed out for 16hrs and miss work. There was a catwalk, I hated that. Yes that is because I'm a failed model who never made it (I'm too short and I LOVE food). Could have made it as a generic model if I was the right height/shape I'm told. Did you know that catwalk models are the tallest model type? Add heels and we have a stick insect at the height of a giraffe. 

There was an amazing disco ball top! Like smashed up cds but with glass. 
A hazard to life, but the way it reflected all the light, it was pretty cool. 

There was a stall that did loans, like home loans but for your wedding. If you need a loan to finance your wedding, you're spending too much!

Sequin tablecloths we like. 

6 photobooths and 2 wedding cake suppliers. They were both very good though. We also scored cupcakes from TopShopMan (dry, with a lump of sugar for frosting) and Rendezvous (not moist or dry, fine, but I think they forgot the sugar).

Throughout  the day I ate 2 cupcakes, 2 handfuls of candy, and had a bottle of water. Passed out shortly afterwards. As we were understaffed we didn't have breaks (other than when I went to the bathroom and got lost). 

On the map there's a place called the bathroom, no that's not the toilets (conveniently left off the map) fortunately there was a guy outside the bathroom (fancy portaloos with a tv inside) redirecting everyone. 

Sweet Bakes

Nikos Cakes - This sample we tried was very good. And they offer tastings in stores (obligation free). They also have a cafe, but that doesn't have great reviews, lots of bad customer service there. Why does no one give prices? 

Handcrafted Flowers - Fake flowers. Once again no prices.  

Naughty Nush Smash Cakes - Like a pinata, but it's a cake and you can eat it too! It's filled with Allens mixed lollies and uses Cadbury on the outside. Prices start from $60 (xmas cupcake). This would great for a very little kids, like one sitting in a high chair. 

I like this alternative to the fresh flower bouquet, candy!
They also do custom rock candy with your name/date on it. 

All Sunday pictures taken with the phone, hence the questionable quality.
But we did save the best for last. Loving candles & mirrors.

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