@ Friday, August 26, 2011

Another sick day :(, waking up exhausted. I think I'm psychologically traumatized by what we're doing in english. Went to see HP :) and bought dinner. Had char kuey teow from the something Pearl, the sad thing about restaurants is that they often only have things in one size. This dish was massive! For $9 you get what you paid for, and I ended up getting 1/3 of it for take away. It was nice, hot (forgot to ask about that) and was defiantly better than Old Town Kopitiam, where it always tastes burnt. For dessert I bought a custard doughnut, lovely as always, I do love custard (except in custard tarts and straight from the carton). As a drink I went around and there were about 8 places offering iced chocolate, one of the closet places was Michel's Patisserie.

I had the iced chocolate for 4.50. Huge disappointment, the worst "iced chocolate" I've ever had. It was nothing more than chocolate sauce (the type you buy for ice cream), milk and a bit of cream from a can.
At the supermarket you can get milk for $1 a litre, $4 for the sauce and $3 for the cream, and you can make at least 4 of these. Do yourself a favour, rather than buy "DIY-able" ice chocolate drink, make it yourself - I assure you it's the same quality. The iced chocolates at GJ are better.

Finally saw HP! :) It was good, though I do think the entire film spanned across a few days. It starts off where part one finished, HP & Friends, along with those rescued are at the Shell Cottage, where Dobby is buried. With the help of the goblin they get into Bellatrix's vault, with Hermonie as Bellatrix is was funny, seeing her all quiet, a bit shy and not psycho like she really is. They get into the vault, goblin ditches them, pointing out he only said he'd help them get in - not out (he gets what's coming and gets killed). Everything they touch multiples, Harry finds the goblet of Hufflepuff. They escape using a dragon.

They meet Dummbledoor's brother, he was the one who sent Dobby to help them before. The trio get into Hogwarts to find another horcrux, Ravenclaw's Diadem which is a tiara. Harry finds it in the room of requirements, but then enters Malfoy and friends (Goyle and Blaise Zabini, Crabbe is in trouble on drug charges in the real world). Meanwhile Ron & Hermonie go into the chamber of secrets and using a basilisk fang destroys the cup (4/7), then they join Harry. The two teams fight, team Malfoy sets things on fire, and everyone runs. And a scene much like when in Aladdin Adbu touches a gem everything turns into fire/lava everyone runs.  In the book Crabbe dies in the fire (but he's not in the film, the actor, something about drugs and possession) so Goyle dies instead. And Crabbe's part is played by another Slytherin, Blaise Zabini. Ron wants to leave the other two, but Harry insists they save Malfoy & Blaise. Malfoy because in part one he recognized Harry when they got caught, but said he wasn't sure if it was him, and in doing so saved him, giving him time. Oh and in the fire the tiara gets destroyed (5/7).

Everyone (almost) gets out alive from that. Snape has a speech about not helping HP, telling the school to give him up, of course a Slytherin does. Snape vs McGonalgal. He runs for it. Hogwarts prepares to fight. The big battle. Fred, Lupin, Tonks dies. Voldermort kills Snape, because he thinks then he will truly own the Elder Wand, but in fact it was Malfoy's and at that moment Harry's (who later destroys it). Before Snape dies (when he's dying, being attacked by the snake) he gives Harry a bunch of memories which explains his actions (he loves Harry's mother, Lily - even though she ended up not with him, and so he promised to protect Harry, and everything was planned. Though D didn't tell Harry he's one of the horcruxs and needs to be destroyed.) So Snape doesn't end up dying as a villain.

Harry comes to fight to V in the forest. He has the snitch again, and inside it he find the 3rd deathly hallow, the resurrection stone, and he sees his parents and friends who are dead. Harry goes to heaven (V got him, and 6/7), that he recognizes as king's cross, but w/o trains and cleaner, and talks to D. Back to the forest, he plays dead, and Malfoy's mother lies and tells V Harry's dead. They all go to the castle.
Hogwarts vs Death Eaters battle still on. Neville kills the snake (7/7 horcuxs).

Molly (Mrs Weasley) kills Bellatrix´╗┐. Harry vs Voldermort, V's wand returns to Harry, as it belongs to Harry and V dies. 19yrs later, Harry + Ginny, Ron + Hermonie, Malfoy + random girl, see their kids got to Hogwarts. The End. :( So sad, after 10yrs it's all over.

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