@ Monday, August 22, 2011

Sick still :( and now with a hint of jealously. Went to the doc he said there's a tablet for $30, but it doesn't work for everyone. Spent a while at the chemist, and bought "Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion", as I had run out of Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturiser, which I liked, but had to reply hourly cause it was maybe too light? Found $10 and gave it to the checkout lady - hopefully the person who dropped it gets it back.
Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion

The course everyone is doing this year is the final year (I do like moving ^^) and we need to pick 12 courses. I've got two so far... We were having a dissucussion of where everyone's going next year (obviously the teacher was not there and we had a sub). One of the boys says he's going to play (soccer) for England O.O. What does google say about that? It agrees, it appears he's parents are uber supportive and mortaging their house so he can go overseas. Wow, but then again he's one of the top 10 kids in the country (in terms of soccer) according to one of the state's biggest newspapers. If I don't get into my first course I have to get a career change, as the only other college that does that course is about 3hrs away (there and back). Oh and that guy is a model and undoubtably one of the tallest people I know, but if a girl was that tall I'm not sure if she would be allowed to model XD; though I do feel better about the thing with the fact that he's with a "small town" agency. On the plus size, not litterally, we are researching finishing schools and I think I found the course I want to do, though at $850 for 10 days ($85 a day) that is pricely, but not as pricey as my current 8-9mth course.

I recieved a gift the other week and have just tried it tonight. It's Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist, and it's beautiful. More of a "pick me up" rather than part of all the things I use daily. It smells like roses, and not fake yucky ones, fresh ones. A garden of roses. I love it ^^, it reminds me of him... Though at $24 per 30ml, 80c per ml, it's very unlikely I'd buy it again (untill I make money).

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
“A hydrating mist, rich in the living energy of rose and marshmallow to restore, tone and hydrate. Leaves the skin balanced and refreshed. Ideal for maintaining balance.”

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