@ Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday and still sick. Although now it's the allergy AND the illness. Not sure if we'll be going to classes tomorrow at this time. It itches, bleeds, burns (skin + eyelids). The only thing to do is ice it - and having ice on your face in class, well there's almost no point going then. Other than for roll call. But I did find Renu's soothing gel eye mask very nice, it's some blue gel in an eye mask that you keep in the fridge.

In eng we're studying 'confict'. Task: "Write anything around 600-800 words using: who, what, why, when, how, etc. In any of the three forms." What immediately came to mind: a rant about people I hate, sounds like a great idea - except that it's personal and for these tasks you score better when it's not about you. After an hour of brainstorming I came up with a great idea!  A letter from Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of Suffolk (Henry 8th's bff & brother in law) to his 2nd/3rd (I forget) wife Catherine Willoughby, about the Pilgrimage of Grace. Research: watch 3 episodes of the Tudors, episode summaries and some wiki.

There aren't any really good pictures of the Northern Uprising (no cameras)
so this is one from the 'Tudors.' You can see (barely) their flags.

  • upraising. why: no likely Cromwell (who is chief minster (aka adviser, but does stuff) abuses his power)
  • Charles (a good guy) negotiates with the rebellion leaders, gives his word of no harm
  • But Henry says kill them all, Charles feels guilty
  • Conflict. Charles believes it's wrong - the king lied about granting them pardon - but has to send the orders being the king's bff, and so begins the breakdown of his marriage with Cath, because she says it's wrong - but then that's easy for her to say.
  • 200+ killed (mainly hanging) prominent members of the community,  a dozen
    peers of the realm, 50 odd monks and priests and over a hundred ordinary people, inc women and children. (if you don't kill the kids they'll grow up and get revenge, plus if the parents are dead no one will care for them hence povety which leads to lower levels of HD)

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