@ Sunday, August 14, 2011

There is most defiantly a theft issue going around at college. The reason to the recent increase: someone got anyway with it. "Theft - only an issue if you get caught, so don't get caught." Someone (now we all know it's a girl, their little evil genius, guys have a more simple approach) stole A's usb which had a lot of work on it! And she doesn't back up!!! :( This is the bit where she locks everyone in a room with the aid of my mafia team and threatens to shoot somebody unless she gets the usb back. A is hoping she'll get the usb back and the girl has just copied her work. I think whoever this girl is, she will not give it back and is more likely to take a picture of the usb send it to A using a blocked number saying "Thanks for information ;)."

With the theft of my contact details I got a new number (if I can find where I put the new chip) and it was an opportunity to get a new phone (everyone who called me came up as "no number" on my last phone). With much research and checking out of reviews I got this:

It doesn't connect to the Internet or have a camera (but then we all know unless it's an expensive phone the camera quality is less than decent anyway). All I need is something that calls, looks decent (hence flip and not brick), receives texts, has an alarm, and a phonebook. Not much of a phone person. I've also probably never texted from the phone before, as I use a program on my laptop.  

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