@ Monday, August 08, 2011

Things that make me happy include: Winning! ^^.
I won a double pass, one of ten, to Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. Though probably not that many people entered honestly. Some people never enter these online things cause the chances of winning is low, but in a way that's not true. I've won quite a few things including: $90 Movie Gift Card, Nail Polish, x2 Vampire books (sold one, trying to sell the other), a calender, creams, make-up stuff. It's better to have a chance, be it 1/500 rather than not have a chance at all.

Didn't really sleep last night, and as a result was the only one who finished the 8 Millennium Goals notes, it's a trick, the first couple goals only take a page, then one of the last ones is like two and a half pages. Took about 6 hours total. Had an hr nap - but does it count when you dream you are still working. I lasted till 4.30pm - then crashed. 

Once again in trouble, same issue part one. It's all about interpretations. Apparently I wrote an offensive note that ruined ms hoh's day (asking her about changing sides) - and she got in the morning cause I'd left it on her desk on Friday. She just wants it dealt with this maths, this is the formula/rule, you apply it, don't ask why. Me: Why? O.O E.g. If you tell me not to go into the change room tell me why! E.g. There's blood all over the floor - there really was. Still don't know what was going on. She hasn't changed sides, but rather accepting the decision from above. It's not them, the college, it's her. Each person has a different view and interpretation, and hence the college cannot be sued as no one really represents it - unless you're saying it's responsible for it's employees. Everyone's an individual, one is not for all. She's accepted the decision and a bit meh about it, still she does not say that she was/is bias, only that the final decision was made by someone more "liberal" (thesaurus says it possibly means more generous) but my interpretation meant "in the middle, consider only the fact and not take sides - like a judge". And she still stand for "no comment" on the issue (meaning she says I'm not allowed to tell ANYONE about this - w/o a reason, maybe cause they'll see she's bias and make her look bad)?

Didn't have time during the weekend to buy snacks, so I went out to lunch today. The dangers of earphones (I swear I wasn't blasting it - it's one of those noise eliminating ones) - you don't hear what's going on around you (physical enviro) someone could come up behind you and you wouldn't hear it. Fortunately that didn't happen, but now I know for next time. Mr health was calling me, but I didn't hear him till he was about a meter away (I'm so glad I wasn't singing XD), due to the college's request that bus stop has been removed (though it's still physically there) because of buses and lack of parking (that part the office lady explain later, after I suggested a petition - because a lot of people use that stop).

Lunch. 75mins, there and back, eat while waiting for tram. Got 1/4 chicken and salad, no chips. And a big bag of wholegrain grain waves (healthy chips) for my car, and a packet of "Loacker Bite Size Wafer Cookies" ^^. On sale for $2 a pack. They're Italian designed, made in Austria, and have no artificial colour/preservatives. I got the Tiramisu one, after a long debate. They also have them in Vanilla, Original (choc) and Dark choco, I'm yet to find the Lemon one everyone's been raving about. 

 Loacker Bite Size Wafer Cookies

While at lunch, I came upon a bookshop that sold some books I've come across before like "Bright Young Things" (by the author of 'The Luxe' series, which I loved!) and it's at a great price. I shop at bookdepositry and that's around $14, here it's $5 a book for $8 for two. Might come back another day.
It's a great series. I'm up to the 3rd book - on hiatus atm though due to exams.

Crashed around 4.30pm, after an intense session of updating bm notes. The coffee machines were all out and the closest place was a french restaurant someone I've never been, so I left. Went shopping, hunted for those Lemon Wafers. Was going to go to the gym but we had a transport issue. After many hours of research and lists, I had the perfect make-up routine - and then I discovered organics, and now it's just so hard... So we've decided to see a dermatologist - as my skin recently went spaz and is now dry rather than combo. I did buy a weekly scrub though, "St Ives Apricot Scrub, Blemish Fighting", it has lots of good reviews. E.g.

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