@ Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got bruised knees :(. Fortunately it pretty much only hurts if I look at it - or cross my legs... In my own little world when the bus screeches and slams into the back the car in front of us, I was thrown against the window by something other than gravity. What happened? idk.  All I saw/heard was the bus screeching and the bit where it hit the car. A witness said the car came from the side street (we being on the main), doesn't see the bus coming, and as a result the bus didn't stop in time. It was a silver car, with a small boot. The back was the car was totally dented - a lot. There were 3 little kids in the back, no one got hurt (except me, the car and the bus). The bus wasn't really dented, though the right part of the window had massive cracks in it. No broken glass everywhere though - not from the bus anyway. Outside it rains, lovely. While waiting for a replacement bus we get soaked. An hr-ish later we get to class. Total time spent traveling: 2hrs, leaving at eight. 

It's Ian's b'day today. The relationship is currently undefined, though it does look a bit more like on the negative side. Sent him a b'day text, with a hint it's from me; a line from a poem I wrote in a b'day card for him a few years ago.  

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