@ Sunday, September 04, 2011

Things aren't always what they seem. Try it before you buy it! Finally had a chance to wear a Victorian style beaded necklace I bought a few months ago. Looks great, but it's tight, uncomfortable and suffocating (but not enough to pass out). I fell asleep at some point and had a dream of being strangled. This necklace is nice but no, also parts of it fall off easily.

Today we went for Yum Cha for lunch. It was nice. I didn't like most of the dishes though :(. After that we went to the garden shop, had cappuccino (it was nice ^^) with father. Home. Crashed. Had a dream about being strangled. 8pm. Dinner. Dailies. Work.

Har Gao - Prawn Dumpling

That ^ is my fav dish at yum cha, sadly at the nearest dumpling place it's 3 pieces for $6. One day I shall learn to make these. We had a bunch of other dishes, mostly with prawn in some form, and there was something like cow fat (they use that in jelly) O.O, definitely did not try that. For dessert they had egg tarts, chocolate cake with sauce (got put off that by the waitress - sorry), creme brulee, something with strawberries and Tofu Fa (Beancurd in Syrup). I would love to go to a 3 course dessert restaurant XD. The adults had the tofu dish while I had the amazing creme brulee (picture to be uploaded, next round). Sadly there were more (a lot more) savory dishes than dessert. The thing I don't like about yum cha is that they give you a "score card" with small, large, deluxe, supreme and super supreme, and as you choose the dish they mark off a number for which pricing scheme it's under. So you don't actually really know how much each dish costs. Other than things like all small dishes cost $3.50 each, large $4.50, etc. But you don't actually know.

Edit: The har gau costs $6.90.

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