@ Sunday, September 04, 2011

I finally uploaded the pictures on the camera, 800+ of them (300 for  project). :)
These are from a photo shoot we did, the theme was unknown XD, more spontaneous and not me. And there was an amazing balcony - I love balcony shots.

Craft Sale (30c Letter). Beyonce's Heat (it's amazing!). Medea (a play, nut house + crt room). 
A lace clutch (that matches a top I have). Chocolate Diary. M&W Travel Mug. 
CK $50 Knit Set (Scarf/Hat/Gloves). "N" brooch. A pot of glitter. 

I finally figured out how to make a collage ^^ (and not using paint). Just upload your pictures to photobucket, and go edit. Or you can use picnik (that's better but you need to pay) where you can move the pictures around on the grid. On pb you have to reload that. 

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