@ Saturday, September 03, 2011

Not much has happened this week. I was meant to see 12th Night (again) with jas, but he didn't turn up, because we were talking about two plays and he thought it was one. Mr Eng & Legal decides that we should start practicing writing everything and has banned typing work (except collecting info/research), because the eng exam is 3hrs, for 3 essays. Mr health continues to act like he's mad at me, idk why and it could be just something else so better not ask. Though he's still nice and answers lots of Qs. Natalie (one of the those girls who's only nice to you when she wants something), pretty much said I'm odd XD, when she said I knew random facts, and not in an impressed tone. Good thing she wasn't there when we had to do on the spot speeches and my topic was schizophrenia XD. We were discussing the Universal Rights thing, and one is that no one can be imprisoned without legit reason. And I said that in Burma they can imprison you for 5yrs w/o a reason or trial, as they did with Aung San Suu Kyi. The rules are more of guidelines for the ideal world, like the pirate code.

I didn't think we were that good (but then simple plot + music = it's better than it seems) for house dance/drama, but I didn't except us to get last place O.O. Why is it always green that comes last? (except in swimming sports once, where ms hoh cries cause we won). The guy playing the phantom of the opera pretty much knew nothing about it, and decided the costume would be just a white shirt, jeans, red tie and mask. No cape and rose. The costumes for all the teams where a bit on the fail side. The judge said for next yr have better costumes and props. With the dancing it wasn't anything special, compared to the other teams, one did break dancing. The winning house was yellow, but we didn't get to see their thing cause we were backstage on next. The genius who had a line before decided to improvise instead of going with the script and said my line, and then everyone paused waiting for me to say the line and I said her line, it was better than not saying anything. Hence the order was stuffed up. And then between the 1st and 3rd scene we lost a couple of people along the way, and lost points for that. It's funny how people are seemingly nice to your face, but then you know they talk about you. One of the captains decided to suggest I be the "special one" and wear a cape over the uniform (the costume was a Von Trapp uniform).

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